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5 Things To Know Before Trying Anal

October 25, 2020
By, laura

Anal exploration could quickly spice things up in the bedroom. It’s often the next frontier for those bored with their usual routine. But remember, not everyone enjoys anal. And not everyone gets it right the first time.

As with any new bedroom adventure, taking it slow is the best way for success. Preparation is key to comfort, so don’t be shy about suggesting it to your partner long before you actually intend to try it. Often, waiting only makes it more exciting.

If you’re ready to explore anal for the first time, or if you want to revisit the basics, read on to discover our top tips. We’ll share 5 pointers that will help you to upgrade your experience and make the whole experience more enjoyable.

The Things To Know Before Trying Anal

Knowing what to expect before you try anal is essential for everyone’s enjoyment. Exploring this area solo with a sex toy could be a great way to figure out how things work and what feels good without the pressure of another person in the room. If you’re gearing up to try anal for the first time, follow these 5 steps.

A clean passage is better for everyone

If you’re worried about smell or mess following anal, the best thing you can do is make sure you have a clean back passage. After you’ve been to the bathroom, a simple anal douche will allow you to clear everything out, ensuring that you won’t be left feeling embarrassed. These bulb douches couldn’t be easier to use, and they’re also really discreet for storage. You could also take a bath to make sure you feel extra clean in this area. This might help to remove any feelings of embarrassment that are holding you back.

Use the right lubricant

You need a thick and slick lubricant for anal to be more enjoyable. While vaginal penetration might be enhanced by a light touch with just a small dab of lubricant, you don’t want any friction when you explore anal sex. Use a special anal lube to make sure everything glides easily. Avoid anything that promises to numb your back passage, as this can mask pain. Anal sex shouldn’t be painful, so if it’s hurting, always stop. Check out our guide to lubricant to find out which one is right for you.

Start small

Going straight in with anal sex is going to be uncomfortable. Start with a small anal toy and build your way up. A set of anal training toys will help you to increase your tolerance as you stretch out the muscles. The anal muscles are very strong, so make sure you relax. If you’re tense, you’re not going to get very far. Try anal after a nice steamy bath so that you’re ultra-relaxed and your muscles are less likely to tense up. You can also explore anal on your own with toys, or make it the foreplay rather than the big event. Keep building up until you feel more comfortable with it.

Spooning is the best position to start with

Most rush to doggy style when they try anal for the first time, but this can cause you to go faster and deeper before you’re ready. Spooning side by side is the best way to explore anal for the first time. This will force you to take it slowly, and your partner won’t be able to thrust too hard.

Remember that your G spot and A spot are also accessible from this area. The apex of your clit can be found between and anal and vaginal walls, so you can stimulate it from the other side. Using a toy for double penetration can help you to achieve orgasm through anal. And your partner will love the vibrations stimulating his tip.

Safety first

Always use an extra-strong condom. With anal sex, people assume that it’s safer because there is no risk of pregnancy, but this isn’t the only thing that condoms protect you from. With anal sex, there is more chance of tearing and fissures, which increases the risk of spreading STIs. Make sure you’re both protected by using a strong condom and plenty of lubricant. Always change the condom when switching from anal to vaginal penetration.

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