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6 Restraints To Try That Aren’t Handcuffs

January 16, 2023
By, laura

6 Restraints To Try That Aren’t Handcuffs

Restraint play is popular with both men and women, and both parties can enjoy restraining and being restrained. It’s often an entry-level form of BDSM that paves the way for more adventurous exploration.

The most common restraint people will think of when it comes to tying up their partner is handcuffs, but these aren’t always the most sensible choice. There are plenty of other options that are less intrusive and more comfortable for the wearer. Read on to learn our favourite restraints that aren’t handcuffs.

1. Cotton bondage rope

When you learn how to tie cotton bondage rope, you’ll soon discover how beautiful this can be. It’s not just about quickly looping the rope around the wrists and then attaching to the bed post – although this will get the job done, too. When you learn how to use bondage rope correctly, you’ll learn incredible knots and restraints that look amazing and are incredibly functional.

2. Silk restraints

Looking for an entry level approach to BDSM? Most people start with soft and gentle silk restraints. These are soft, gentle and often come loose with a firm enough tug. The idea here is to give the impression of being restrained, while still being able to wiggle loose if you feel uncomfortable. The restrained then becomes their own captor, because they know they can get loose at any time, but choose to stay.

3. Under-bed restraints

Want to transform your bedroom into a sex dungeon? Of course you do. Under bed restraints will allow you to achieve exactly this. Your sub will be fully restrained – hands and feet – so you’ll be in complete control. And when you’re done, simply tuck the restraints under your bed and keep them out of sight.

Over-door restraints for standing bdsm

4. Over-door restraints

When you want to explore more adventurous positions, including standing up, you need over door restraints in your life. Your sub will be restrained with their hands above their head and at the mercy of your decisions. Add a blindfold and leave them wondering when you’re going to initiate as they anticipate your touch in the darkness.

5. Quickie cuffs

Quickie cuffs are super strong silicone cuffs that can slip on and slip off easily. They give the illusion of being restrained, without really keeping anyone in place. It’s a popular choice if you want the tantalising appeal of restraining your partner, but don’t want to go to the effort of bringing out heavy metal cuffs. They’re also much more travel friendly, so you won’t have to explain them when you go through airport security.

6. Spreader bar with cuffs

A spreader bar with wrist cuffs will put your sub in the most vulnerable positions. The spreader bar attaches at the ankle and prevents them from closing their legs. And then when you pair this with the wrist cuffs, you can also force them to bend at the knee or the waist and keep their wrists restrained to their ankles. It’s a more advanced choice of restraints, and one that should be used carefully so that no one gets hurt.

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