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Best Male Sex Toys to Buy

March 1, 2018
By, laura

When you enter a sex toy shop, you will notice that there is a lot larger section for women than there is for men.  But other sites online have realised that male sex toys are in demand just as much as female ones.  So, there is now a much larger range available but not all are the best item for the job.  So what kind of toys should you look for whether you are a newcomer or want to try something different?

Understanding male sex toys

Firstly, it is important to understand a little of the basics of male sex toys.  For starters, there’s the fact that guys do have a G-spot – it’s the prostate.  And that means it is reached through your butt which is why anal butt plugs are a thing.  In fact, a lot more guys are interested in this experience than you would think – one survey said that 71% of straight men in a relationship have either tried or would like to try prostate massage.

There are also lots of other sex toys out there to experiment with, both alone and with a partner.  One word of caution – don’t forget the lubrication.  Many male toys are aimed at masturbation and this means you want some kind of lubricant involved or you can end up hurting yourself.  A lubricant can be fun, there are all kinds and some that are even made for the purpose for guys.

Other times, a simple water based lubricant can make everything smooth and comfortable.

The Pink Lady

The original and still most popular male sex toy on the planet is the Pink Lady, although there are now many different variations available.  These toys make an impressive job of simulation a vagina and the skin like sleeve can easily be removed to clean up afterwards.  You can get a wide range of varieties including some that are modelled after favourite porn stars.  The Pink Lady is the very original version and is still readily available.

If you do opt to try one of these, remember what we said about lubricant.  This is one example of a sex toy that can be an uncomfortable experience without the right lube in place.  Water-based area easy to clean up and won’t interfere with the materials of the toy.

Prostate massagers

We mentioned the growing awareness of prostate massage for guys and therefore there are plenty of different toys to try it out.

Men using these toys have found that they get better erections and bigger orgasms, so it is definitely worth trying them.  There are also lots of different models with various features.

Look for models that can massage both inside and out and with dual motors and that also include vibrating sensations, so you can find something that works just right for you.  As with the Pink Lady, make sure you use the right lubrication to make sure everything is comfortable and moves easily.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality or VR is everywhere today so its no surprise it has made its way into the world of sex toys. Porn websites have been quick to pair up with producers of headsets to help create an experience that is visual as well as physical – the toy pairs up with what you see on the VR headset to make the experience very realistic.

If you want to use the system with a female partner, then there is also a female version of the kit that allows you both to enjoy some VR fun.  Devices use a Bluetooth connection, so experiences can be connected.

Vibrating rings

Cock rings may be one of the most commonly mentioned sex toys for men but there are actually not that many models on the market.  However, there are some good ones available that also have a vibrator attached to help with clitoral stimulation during sex – and that’s really the idea of them.  Look for toys that are plush and easy to use with different modes and can stretch to accommodate different sizes.  This is an area you don’t want to be uncomfortable!


Eggs are taken from the idea of the Pink Lady and offer something that is just a bit different and a novelty.  These are usually single-use toys that come in a pack of six or more and you use them in the same way as the Pink Lady.  There are different textures to try and some with lubricant – if not, make sure you stock up when you are shopping.  They are definitely something unique and fun to try.


Male sex toys have come a long way and there is lots more variety available.  Look for products that come with clear ideas about how to use to avoid those awkward accidents and that is made from easy to clean materials that mean they are ready for action without too much work.

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