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The Best Oral Sex Toys For Him And Her

October 15, 2020
By, laura

If you just can’t get enough oral sex, finding a partner to keep up with your desires might be a challenge. Oral sex requires a generous spirit, so those who love being on the receiving end might be looking for ways to replicate the feeling without asking their partner.

The good news is that oral sex is a popular theme for sex toys. Replicating the unique sensations from a toy might be a challenge, but it’s one that sex toy makers take very seriously. Both men and women can enjoy some oral action, even when your partner’s jaw is sore from use. So read on to discover the best oral sex toys for him and her.

The best oral sex toys for women

Women’s oral sex toys fall into the clitoral stimulator category. They are typically small, discreet and perfect for a little foreplay action. There are a few different sensations that these toys try to replicate. First off, there are the light suction toys that blend a sucking sensation with targeted vibrations. Then there are the flickering toys that try to create the sensation of a tongue moving fast over your clit.

Let’s start with the Inspire Flickering Intimate Arouser. This compact little number offers a soft and flexible hood that creates a tight seal around the clit. The small flickering semi-firm silicone “tongue” flickers over your clit for incredibly realistic sensations that just don’t quit. You can choose your speed and sensation, including different levels of escalation and pulsation for an even more thrilling experience.

Another great option is the Satisfyer Pro 2. It might not look like much, but this powerful toy has some unique features on offer. It uses air pressure technology delivered through the soft silicone hood to create incredible sensations like someone gently sucking on your clit, just without the risk of any teeth getting involved. When paired with the tingling pulsations, this creates a powerful sensation that will tip you over the edge time and time again.

For a unique combination of suction and vibration, the Pipedream Fantasy For Her Vibrating Roto SuckHer is an excellent choice. The large silicone cup envelops your vulva and creates a light suction to drive the blood to this region. You can then pair this with intense and targeted vibrations. If you’re slow to orgasm from oral sex alone and need to be aroused first, this unique clit stim can get your engine started so your partner just has to take you over the finish line.

The best oral sex toys for men

While women want clean and precise stimulation, part of the appeal of oral sex for men is the unexpected nature of it. A sloppy and surprising blow job is nearly always a welcome addition to your bedroom antics. The Fleshlight collection offers some unique oral orifice masturbators that will enable you to pop off the cap and enjoy a blow job on demand. Or try the Autoblow collection for a truly unique sensation.

For an unexpected surprise every time, the Autoblow A.I. Blowjob Machine is a smart option – literally. This AI masturbator offers a super soft and plushy inner sleeve that feels more like a human and less like a machine. There are 4 sensors in the sleeve that can adjust the experience to deliver 250 different sensations in a random order, so you’ll never know what’s coming next.

The BlowYo Sensation Swirl Blow Job Masturbator is also a great choice for a compact and lightweight choice. You can use this solo, or give your partner a helping hand while they go down on you. The unique swirling vortex creates powerful sensations as you move this up and down. And the super realistic silicone material will help you to forget that you’re even playing with a toy. 

For a cheaper, manual option, the Vulcan Deep Throat Masturbator is a great option for a wet and sloppy ride. The key to creating the right sensations is to load this up with lube before you use it. The realistic flesh-like inner canal warms to the touch, just like skin. The inner sleeve features tight ridges, intended to replicate the feeling of a deep throat blow job.

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