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The Best Sex Toys for Couples to Buy

April 26, 2018
By, laura

The days of sex toys being for someone to use on their own are long gone.  Go to a sex toys shop or a website selling them, and you will see entire sections dedicated to sex toys for couples.  Adding a bit of spice in the bedroom and allowing you to try something different, these toys come in enough different shapes and styles that there is something to suit all tastes.

For the novice couple

When you first start buying sex toys to use for the two of you, it can be a good idea to keep it simple.  There are lots of complex and fun things out there but until you know what you enjoy and what works for you both, it is difficult to know which will be best.

Look for toys that are specifically designed for couples, rather than ones you can use on your own or with each other.  Items such as couples’ vibrators are easy to get the hang of and often come with different settings, so you can find what works best for you.

Some even connect via an app to your smartphone and lets one partner control the experience. Look for ones you can wear during sex as well for you both to enjoy the sensations.

For the experimental couple

If this isn’t your first purchase of couples’ sex toys and you want to try something different, then there are loads of options.  Vibrating cock rings are one such example, constricting blood flow to make for a better orgasm. They can also come with small vibrators attached that offer something extra for your partner, although this isn’t one that everyone loves – try it and see how you feel!

You may want to use some water-based lubricant when you are using this kind of toy to not only make it feel more comfortable but to create more stimulation.  And there’s less chance of uncomfortable friction burns when using a little lubricant to help things along.

For the wild couple

Since we all got mesmerised by 50 Shades of Grey, a little restraint in bed is a good thing – and that doesn’t mean holding yourself back!  Under bed restraint systems are an example of a complete system for a little fun bondage and includes wrist and ankle cuffs that fit under the mattress for ease of use.

Everything uses Velcro fastening so it is easy to get loose and keeps everything fun and look for cuffs that are lightly padded to avoid the chance of any telling bruises.  Then it is up to you who gets tied up and how.

If you don’t want to disrupt the entire bedroom for a little fun (or maybe you are away somewhere) you can also get simple adjustable wrist straps.  Combined with a headboard or other stationary object, you can have a bit of bondage fun without anything too complicated. Again, look for soft materials and easy adjustments so that you can open and close everything as you want.

For the lazy couple

Sometimes you just want to relax and take all of the stress out of sex and that’s where bullet vibrators can be perfect.  These offer stimulation and a smooth texture with a rounded tip that make it easy and comfortable to enjoy. The sensations are great, and the best models have a variety of different settings so that you can work through what is available to find what you really enjoy.

You might want to have some water-based lubricant around for this kind of fun, to ensure everything stays nice and comfortable.

For the quirky couple

Nipple teasers are a great couple sex toy that let you pleasure your partner and can be paired up with other toys for an even greater effect.  The idea is to attach them to each nipple and tease it. When you get used to what you like, there are different settings and even models that have tension adjusters.  You can even take off the rubber clamp on some models if you are into some serious fetish fun. Add a little chain to them and the options are endless.

For the efficient couple

Like to get lots done at once?  Short on time? Then toys that stimulate that backside G-spot are the practical way to get lots of pleasure in one go.  This leaves other areas available for other fun and can increase pleasure considerable – according to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, orgasm is more likely to be achieved when a woman is stimulated anally during sex.

Make sure you have a good lubricant on hand or otherwise you might just experience pain and not the pleasure.  This is one area where you want to be ready before you try anything.

Practical tips

Let’s talk about lubrication – a topic important to sex toys and sex in general.  Okay, ladies often provide their own but there are other times when some assistance is needed.  And it can be real fun. But there are some practical tips about the whole lubrication topic.

For example, coconut oil is a natural lubrication that can be used for loads of different purposes as a couple and when you are alone.  It is a great massage oil and is brilliant to make sex toys smooth and easy to use. But don’t use it if you are using a condom – because the oil can break down the latex and defeat the purpose of using one.

Another example is silicone lubricant – strangely, you don’t use this on silicone sex toys.  Why? Because it can degrade the silicone and spoil the toy. So, use water-based lubricants when the toy is made from silicone materials.


Couples sex toys are great fun but always make sure you read the instructions and buy from a reputable supplier to make sure it remains safe fun.

Then you can experiment with you and find new ways to enjoy yourselves in the bedroom – before going shopping again for something else new to try!

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