Sex can sometimes be so great, that you get carried away with all the pleasure and sensation. You start to scratch, bite, kick and hurt your partner physically to express how good you feel. A study found that 18 million people have suffered from either an ache or a strain due to sex in the UK. If you're curious about the sex injuries you may suffer from, here are 7 of the most common sex injuries. 

Vaginal Tearing

According to Women's Health, vaginal tearing is the most common sex injury women suffer from. It happens when you're not lubricated enough before your partner enters you and can lead you to bleed or just really hurt.

Sex Toys Go Missing

Sex toys like dildos, genital clamps and vaginal balls can add to the pleasure when fooling around. But there’s also the risk of getting it stuck. In some cases, it can easily be removed and in others, emergency medical assistance may be required.

Carpet Burns

If you’re the adventurous type, you may have wanted to try out other venues at home. An awkward positioning of the knee, plus the friction can lead to burns. This is common, especially if you have sex on the carpet. The carpet material and the friction can lead to wounds and burns, which can be painful.

Sore Jaw & Neck

Blowjobs are called a job for a reason, so it's no wonder that you experience some jaw and neck pain while giving your partner one!

Pulled Muscles

Whether it's from trying too many difficult positions or simply extending your body a bit too far, it's an easy injury to have and can make you feel a little less confident about your sexual prowess.

Sore Vagina

When sex gets more than a little rough, you may suffer from a sore vagina. Unlike vaginal tearing, your sore vagina may be the result of friction, a larger-than-average partner,

Or simply going at it a little too rough. 

Bruised Elbows & Knees

Whether it's from all that falling down or trying to keep yourself upright during oral sex, bruised elbows and knees are common sex injuries. Many people fall into furniture, break objects around the house, and even smashing into walls, which could definitely explain the sore joints!





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