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The complete guide to caring for your fetish wear

May 13, 2019
By, laura

At a time when most of us proudly ignore the washing instructions for most of our clothes, you’d be forgiven for not knowing how to care for most fabrics. When it comes to your delicate lingerie and rubber fetish wear, however, there’s less of a risk of a stray red sock turning every pink and more risk that you’ll completely ruin it.

The easiest way to avoid this type of disaster is to make a note of the washing instructions when you first purchase the item. If you’re dropping a fair amount of money on a rubber shirt, you’re going to want to make sure you know how to keep it in great shape.

The problem is, when we purchase new items, making a note of the washing instructions is probably at the bottom of your list of things to do. So, if the original packaging is long gone and the store you bought it from no longer stocks the item, how are you supposed to know how to care for it?

The complete guide to caring for your fetish wear

Fear not, as the Pleasure Delights team have been hard at work compiling this guide to all different types of lingerie and fetish wear. If you want to keep everything clean and hygienic while also making sure you get plenty of wear out of it, follow these care instructions…

Delicate lingerie

You can’t just throw your lingerie in a delicates wash and be done with it. All that tumbling around in the machine can lead to ripped lace and pulled threads. If you want to keep your satin and lace in great condition, invest in a little lingerie wash bag. These little mesh bags help to keep your lingerie safe from the perils of your washing machine. Be sure to use a mild detergent, such as a non-bio baby wash.

Delicate lingerie: silk

If you have silk lingerie or silk nightwear, you will need to pick up some specialist silk wash. Run it on a delicate cycle which may also be listed as a wool cycle. Alternatively, you can wash it by hand using a hand wash silk detergent. Don’t wring them out. Instead, press them between a towel and them hang them up to dry.

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You should aim to wash your corsets as little as possible, and never in the washing machine. You can spot wash it with a mild detergent or simply freshen it with a fabric freshening spray. When you want to store your corset, don’t roll it up as some people do. Instead, hang it by the laces on a clothes hanger. This will help to reduce pressure on the fabric and prevent the steel bones from bending or warping.


When it comes to leather, prevention is better than cure. Protecting your leather from oils, lube and water is essential. You can buy specialist leather protectors that will act as a surface barrier and prevent your leather from drying out. Stains should be spot treated right away to prevent them from soaking into the leather. Leave it to dry out of direct sunlight as this can dry out your leather items.

Latex rubber

Never use a detergent on your latex rubber. Instead, hand wash using soap and water. Pat them dry with a soft towel and then dust them with a bit of talcum powder before storing. Never dry latex rubber clothing on a metal drying rack. Your items should be kept away from metal while wet. After repeated use, latex rubber can lose its sheen. Thankfully, there are latex rubber polishes that you can buy to restore them to their full sheen.

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Storing your clothing

Lingerie should be stored away from your everyday underwear. Consider storing it in a perfume paper lined drawer to keep it extra fresh. You might also want to throw a few dehumidifying sachets into the drawer to keep damp at bay.

Leather and rubber should both be stored at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. Don’t store leather and rubber items next to each other, and don’t store latex items of different colours next to each other.

Follow these tips, and your intimate wardrobe will be fresh, clean and in perfect condition for years to come.

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