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The Most Common Sexual Fantasies (And How To Recreate Them)

October 10, 2020
By, laura

When things start to go a little vanilla in the bedroom, sexual fantasies can help to spice things up. Fantasies might allow you to explore your deepest desires in a controlled and safe environment. Sharing your fantasies with a partner is also a great way to become closer and more intimate with your partner. Once you’re at the stage where you can confidently share your fantasies, you know you’re in a good place.

Remember, fantasies are completely normal

The first thing to remember is that it is totally normal to have fantasies. Healthy, even. Fantasies offer an escape for the mind and a way to process your thoughts and feelings. There are three main types of fantasy. There are those that you keep to yourself, those that you share with your partner, and those that you act on. In many ways, it can be just as hot to talk through a fantasy than it is to actually act on it.

The most common sexual fantasies

There are some fantasies that seem to crop up with couples time and time again. If you’re ready to shake things up in the bedroom, work your way through this list until you find something that gets your heart racing. Remember that not everyone is turned on by the same things, so it’s okay if these fantasies don’t do it for you. These are just the most common ones out there…

Multi partner sex

Bringing another person into the bedroom often tops the list of sexual fantasies for men and women. But actually going through with this might not live up to your expectations, so proceed with caution. In many cases, just talking about it in bed with your partner is enough to get your imagination running wild.

Control play

Fantasies of being dominated or dominating your partner are also incredibly common. There are some simple ways to start exploring control play and BDSM using things you will already have around the house. An eye mask and a silk tie are often the first steps towards control play. From here, you can explore restraints and bondage accessories like bondage tape to act out your fantasies.

Dress up and role play

Dressing up and role-playing allows you to step into the shoes of someone else. If you’re shy about what you want in the bedroom, this can be a great way to act on your fantasies as you assume the role of someone else. Boss and employee, nurse and patient and police officer fantasies are all very common and easy to enact. Head to the dress-up section on the site to start building your fantasy wardrobe.

Sex in new places

If your antics are usually confined to the bedroom, shaking up this routine can be a real rush. Try sex in the car, sex in an outdoor place, even sex in the kitchen. We recently shared our tips for better shower sex. If you’re really keen to explore this common sexual fantasy, you might even be tempted by the mile-high club. For some people, the thrill of spontaneous sex is more exciting to them than the location, so be ready for action at any moment to make this most of this fantasy.

Sex with a stranger

This is a very common sexual fantasy for long-term couples. But don’t worry, you don’t have to cheat on your spouse to get a thrill. Planning a chance encounter with your partner and pretending this is your first meeting can be a great way to enjoy the thrill of the chase without having to commit to an open relationship. If you’re staying in a hotel, this can be the ideal time to assume new identities and fulfil your sex with a stranger fantasy.

Make a sex tape

Being in front of a camera will either excite you or terrify you. For the former, making a sex tape with someone you love and trust can be a really great way to spice things up. With most phones offering pretty good camera facilities these days, you don’t need to invest in any special equipment to make this fantasy a reality. Just make sure you understand the privacy settings on your phone so that you don’t end up accidentally sharing the video with anyone who shouldn’t have it.

Whatever your fantasy, make sure you have fun with it! And if something doesn’t live up to your expectations, don’t worry, you can just move on to the next one…

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