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How to Introduce Electro-Sex Stimulation Safely

September 17, 2020
By, laura

Electrosex stimulation is a niche sector of sexual pleasure. It involves the use of electricity to elicit small shocks that can be both painful and pleasurable. There are many different toys and tools available to help you explore this particular kink.

The first thing to realise is that electrosex stimulation is not the same shock as you might get from a faulty kitchen appliance. It’s a very different sensation and designed to be pleasurable rather than painful or dangerous.

Electrosex stimulation is more about the sensation of electricity, rather than a short and sharp shock. You’re more likely to feel a unique tingling or a feeling like being snapped with an elastic band. Some people can reach climax from this kind of stimulation alone.

Before you get started with electrosex stimulation, make sure you consider the following…

First things first

Enjoying electro-sex stimualtion properly is all about being safe. There are certain things you need to be aware of before you proceed.

  • If you have a heart condition or a pacemaker, you should never explore electro-sex stimulation.

  • Read the instructions of your individual toy before you get started. Some toys cannot be used above the waist. Don’t assume that what applies to one toy will apply to all toys.

  • If you are using these toys with a partner, use a safe word.

  • Never use electro-sex stimulation toys when you are under the influence or drugs or alcohol. This can impair your judgement and make you slow to react to dangers.

  • Check your toys before you use them to make sure they are working correctly and there are no exposed wires.

  • Never use electrosex stimulation toys in or near water. Water and electricity don’t mix.

  • Never create a connection above the waist. If you place two electrodes on the body and this current passes through the heart, the results could be fatal. This means that nipple stimulation is off limits unless you use specialist toys.

Choose the right toys

A quick look around the Pleasure Delights collection will reveal that there is no shortage of electrosex stimulation toys. From wands and dildos to anal toys and gloves, you can find something for every level of interest.

The easiest way to explore this field of sexual stimulation is with a toy like a stimulation pack with electrodes. This will allow you to start your exploration slowly and build up your tolerance.

The biggest thing you need to be aware of is the difference between monopolar and bipolar toys. The shock needs 2 points of contact with the body. With a monopolar device, you will feel it where it enters the body. With a bipolar device, you will feel it where it enters and exits the body.

Other accessories to try

Dry skin doesn’t conduct electricity very well, so it helps to wet the skin with a specialist gel that will increase conductivity and make for a more pleasurable experience. This will help the electrodes to adhere to your skin and prevent the shocks from becoming too painful.

The larger the electrodes, the softer the sensation will be. This is because the current is spread over a larger surface area of skin. When it’s concentrated into a smaller area, this creates a sharper and more painful sensation.

Growing your collection

Once you’ve discovered electrosex stimulation through a stimulation pack, you’ll soon want to expand your collection. All-in-one devices are a great start, as you won’t need to worry about wiring anything up, you just take it out of the box and you’re good to go.

A rabbit vibrator or butt plug is a great place to start. These toys can be used independent of any electro stimulation, so you’ll get even more bang for your buck. A toy like the EStimulation Rabbit Vibrator offers vibration alongside electrosex stimulation to create a unique experience.

prostate massager is also a great option for exploring electrosex stimulation. The shape alone will be enough to create powerful sensations, but adding vibrations and mini electric shocks into the mix will tip things over the edge.

There might be a few more rules to follow, but electrosex stimulation is easy once you get the hang of it. It could open up new avenues of pleasure that were previously unexplored.

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