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Everything you need to know about strokers

August 22, 2019
By, laura

As more men wake up to the idea that they deserve awesome sex toys too, the male stroker is evolving. We recently wrote an entire article on why every penis-owning individual should own a sex toy, and this week we’re going to share with you how to make the most of one particular toy.

Male sex toys are becoming far more commonplace. Strokers are also being gradually accepted as a great tool for men to enjoy more healthy masturbation habits. Strokers can help you to last longer in the bedroom, but you don’t have to think about it as “training”. Men are allowed to have fun with sex toys too!

In this blog, we’ll be sharing our top tips for how you can choose the right stroker for you and how you can make the most of it. We’ll share our tips for enhancing pleasure while also sharing our care tips, including keeping it clean. Let’s get right down to it…

What is a stroker?

A stroker is a sex toy designed to be used on the penis. It’s sometimes known as a masturbator or a cup. The most famous mastubation tool in the world for men is probably the Fleshlight. Most strokers are designed in a similar way. They are canals lined with special textures and ridges and may have openings designed to look like a mouth, vagina or anus. Some are open ended and are simply just silicone tubes you can use to grip your penis while you masturbate. Some are open along the length of the stroker to ensure any penis of any size will fit.

How do I choose a stroker?

There are so many strokers available that you might be surprised at the choices. There are incredibly simple strokers that are little more than a silicone rubber tube with pleasure nodules on the inside for added stimulation. You can also find more advanced models which are enclosed in a cup and might offer suction for a more realistic feeling. Some are also designed to look like female or male anatomy and are crafted from incredibly realistic materials.

When choosing your stroker, you will need to think about budget and your requirements. Some people prefer an incredibly realistic opening while others prefer a neutral appearance. You can also find strokers with some pretty incredible features which can be easily upgraded. The RENDS Cyclone is one such toy. This oscillating masturbator can be customised with different sleeves to change the experience. If you prefer to feel your grip as you masturbate, the Pipedream collection includes a soft midsection which allows you to take control of the pressure.

For a budget-friendly stroker, look to the Tenga cups range. These plastic cups won’t look out of place on your bedside table, and since they are so inexpensive, you won’t feel guilty for treating yourself to 2 (or 3.. or 4!).

How can I enhance my stroker?

Perhaps the best upgrade you can buy for your stroker is a good lube. You should always use lubricant which is suitable for the material type. You can find out more about the best lubricant for your needs here. Some strokers also have vibrating elements. This can greatly enhance the pleasure. However, you don’t have to rely on an integrated vibe. A simple cock ring with a mini vibe will also help you get the job done. You can also purchase strokers which attach to the head of most wand massagers.

How do I maintain my stroker?

This all depends on your brand of stroker and the material it is made out of. The majority are open ended or designed to be taken apart. This means that you can easily clean them with soap and water. You should then use a sex toy cleaner to finish the clean up. If your stroker has a lid, it’s important that you leave this off to allow the stroker to dry out completely before storing it. This will help to maintain the material and prevent it from breaking down, or harbouring any nasty bacteria.

If your stroker is made from any kind of “real feel” or skin-like material, then it may become sticky over time and lose its realistic feel. This type of material needs to be “refreshed” with special powder to keep it feeling soft and supple. Once clean and dry, simply apply the powder and shake it around to ensure everything is coated.

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