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Everything You Need to Know About Suspenders and Stockings

February 9, 2023
By, laura

Everything You Need to Know About Suspenders and Stockings

Upgrading your lingerie collection? Perhaps you’ve added a suspender belt but now have no idea what to do next. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Suspenders and stockings can be incredibly sexy and will instantly upgrade any lingerie. Not to mention, they’re also practical. If you don’t want to wear tights, stockings and a suspender belt offer a perfect alternative.

What is the difference between stockings and hold-ups?

The first thing you need to know about this type of hosiery is the difference between stockings and hold-ups.  Stockings are leg coverings that require suspenders (also known as garters) to hold them up.

Hold-ups, on the other hand, are self-supporting with silicone lining around the top of the stocking. They also have elastic bands for added security. Both types of hosiery look great and provide a different style option for lingerie. If you aren’t wearing a suspender belt, for example, then hold-ups are a perfect choice.

How do you wear a suspender belt?

You might have a separate suspender belt, or you might have suspender hooks on your corset or basque.  Wearing a suspender belt is easy. Loosen the straps and put it on around your waist like a belt. It should sit on your waist, not your hips.

It is usually worn higher than your underwear unless you are wearing a high-waist style. Fasten the hook-and-eye closures at the back, ensuring that it’s secure and comfortable. Once you’ve done this, you can attach your favourite stockings.

How do you put on stockings?

How do you put on stockings?

Stockings are made of delicate material that can rip and ladder if you aren’t careful. Be wary of any sharp edges on your nails that might snag the material before you move forward.

Start at the top of the stocking and gather it in both hands, scrunching down until you have reached the foot. Place your pointed toe in the stocking and then gently unfurl the stocking up your leg. It should rest around mid-thigh.

Next, you need to secure each stocking in two places. One at the front and one at the back. Start by opening the suspender belt hooks and placing your stocking over it. Gently spread the stocking material across each hook, taking care not to stretch or pull it too tightly.

Then, pull the ring down over the hook to secure it. Repeat the process on all four suspender hooks. Lastly, adjust the suspender straps to ensure that your stockings fit snugly.

How should you wear stockings?

There’s no denying it, suspenders and stockings look great with lingerie or as a separate piece. Now that you know how to wear them, why not give them a go and see just how much they can add to your outfit?

Stockings look best when paired with sky-high heels, a pencil skirt and a sultry top. You can also wear yours with a dress, or simply wear them with your favourite lingerie to surprise your partner. If you put your underwear on over your suspenders, you can easily remove them without taking off your stockings. Alternatively, choose crotchless underwear for easy access.

If you have hold-ups, you can still attach them to your suspender belt to create the perfect look. There are also mock suspender belt tights available that incorporate the suspender belt into the tights with cut-outs that mimic the look and remove the gusset of the tights.

How do you care for stockings?

Stockings should be washed by hand, or in a hand-wash laundry bag. This will help to protect the delicate material from snags and pulls. You should then store them in your lingerie drawer, away from anything that might snag or pull on the fabric.

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