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How to Choose and Use a G-spot Vibe

February 7, 2023
By, laura

How to Choose and Use a G-spot Vibe

So many erogenous zones, and so little time. If you haven’t explored your G-spot yet, then it’s high time you pay this fleshy little zone some attention. The G-spot is a concentration of nerves located just inside your vagina. When aroused, blood floods to the area and causes it to swell and get firmer – sound familiar?

With targeted stimulation, you can then achieve what is known as a penetrative orgasm, and it can even lead to female ejaculation. This is when a small amount of liquid is released from the urethra at the same time as your orgasm. It’s also accompanied by an intense, heady orgasm that can feel more intense than a clitoral orgasm.

Get to know the area with your fingers

The G-spot is easier to find when you’re already aroused, so try looking for it after you have climaxed. Start by pressing down on your outer abdomen and then insert a finger around 2 inches inside your vaginal canal.

Using a ‘come hither’ motion, feel around for a fleshy bulge that is angled up inside your vaginal canal. When you stimulate this area, you should feel pressure and it might feel like you need to pee. Remember that G-spot stimulation isn’t for everyone. While some find it pleasurable, others just find it annoying.

Pick your ideal vibe

While your fingers are great for exploring, you might want to make the most of playtime with a vibe specifically designed to hit your G-spot. These are typically shorter than a dildo or rabbit and might have a more bulbous or textured head.

These are some of our favourite G-spot vibrators that are sure to hit the spot every time.

Adam And Eve GGasm Delight GSpot Vibrator Pink

The Adam And Eve GGasm Delight GSpot Vibrator Pink is a slim line vibe that offers a bulbous and angled head that will deliver targeted stimulation to your G spot.

3Some Rock N Grind Vibe

The 3Some Rock N Grind Vibe allows you to climb aboard for some serious fun. This triple-threat toy provides G-spot stimulation along with clitoral and anal stimulation. The hands-free shape will allow you to rock and grind as you desire. 

3Some Wall Banger G Vibe

The 3Some Wall Banger G Vibe is a uniquely shaped vibe that will provide pinpoint pleasure to all the right places.

Butterfly Kiss GSpot Vibrator

With the Butterfly Kiss GSpot Vibrator, you can hit your G-spot and clit at the same time, with targeted vibrations to help you achieve a blended orgasm.

How to achieve a G-spot orgasm

How to achieve a G-spot orgasm

Once you’ve identified the spot you’re looking for and determined that it does feel good for you, it’s time to relax with your new toy. You might not be able to hit the right spot every time, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself to orgasm the first time.

Explore the different vibration settings, try different angles, and explore how pressure makes the sensations change. When you stimulate your G-spot, it should feel like it does when you have a pee.

Exploring with a partner

Some positions are better suited to G-spot stimulation than others. Missionary is a poor choice, as this allows your partner to go deeper but not at the angle you want. Doggy style is better suited to this type of orgasm as it will angle your partner’s penis towards the G-spot.

You can also have your partner use a toy or fingers to help you achieve a G-spot orgasm. Some women can also achieve female ejaculation, but this can take some time to master. If you get very wet during sex, there is a good chance you can achieve it.

Once you feel the pressure building and you’re close to orgasm, it’s all about telling your body that it’s time to release. It’s difficult to explain how this will feel for you, so you simply need to try it to find out if it works for you. Sometimes you need to remove anything that is inserted in you before you can achieve this release.

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