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How to Make Mutual Masturbation Hot For Everyone Involved

October 15, 2022
By, laura


Mutual masturbation is a great way to learn more about your partner and what they enjoy. While it can be intimidating to pleasure yourself in front of your partner, it can also be incredibly hot and help to form a stronger bond between you. It’s also a great way to initiate sex to make sure you’re both in the mood. It’s also ideal if you can’t have penetrative sex for any reason.

While mutual masturbation might feel like something you’d do as a teenager before you’re ready for sex, it can also be a healthy part of any mature relationship. Variety is the key to keeping things interesting as your relationship develops, and this is a really simple way to keep things fresh and exciting. Sometimes, feeling like a teenager again isn’t a bad thing.

So, if you’re ready to explore, try these tips to help make mutual masturbation fun for everyone involved.

Introduce some toys

If you feel awkward using your hands, you could try introducing some sex toys into the bedroom. Masturbating with a toy will be less intimidating, particularly if you commonly use toys during sex. This is also a great way to initiate mutual masturbation. Your partner can let you get started, and then join you when you’re feeling a little more comfortable and relaxed.

Find a position that works for you

The easiest way to get started is by laying down and facing each other, but this isn’t the only way you can enjoy each other. Sitting opposite one another on a sofa is another great option. One partner can also lie on top of the other, adding an element of control to the situation. And finally, you can sit facing each other, interlocking your legs so that you can reach out and touch one another if you decide the time is right.

Try it over the phone

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you can keep the spark alive by enjoying phone sex or Facetime sex. If you’re worried about exposing yourself on camera, you can simply stick to seeing each other’s faces as you pleasure yourself. Being vocal about what you are doing is essential if you’re going to do this over the phone.

Use porn

If you enjoy watching porn together, this can be a great way to add an additional element of fun and excitement to your mutual masturbation. This will allow you both to get lost in the moment and enjoy whatever fantasy you get carried away with. If mutual masturbation makes you self-conscious, then watching porn together can shift the focus away from each other to make everyone feel more confident.

Let your fantasies run wild

This is one situation where both parties can indulge in a little fantasising, even if your other half isn’t the subject of your fantasy. Without physical closeness, you may feel a little more freedom to let your imagination run wild and conjure up something that gets your heart racing.

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