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How to Please a Woman

November 18, 2019
By, laura

Many experienced men know that when it comes to pleasing a woman, that every woman’s idea of pleasure differs.

When it comes to maximizing a woman’s pleasure, it starts with knowing how to get to that point of desire, lust, and sex.

So to get a real depth insight, we’ve interviewed some of the UK’s top male escorts to uncover their hidden secrets and talents for pleasing a woman.

How to Please a Woman: Skills and Talents

As a male escort, their job is to please a woman both in and out of bed. But, in order to do that, they must be able to master a basic set of skills, much like a list of basic requirements that hiring companies demand in order to ensure your success at that job.

From there, you will be able to discover your own personal sexual talents that will separate you from other escorts. These talents and skills both in and out of the bedroom are what will make you stand out from other escorts, especially when it comes to pleasing the woman you are with.

Here are some of those basic skills and talents that factor into pleasing a woman:

Skills Outside of The Bedroom

Active Listening

Women want and need to be heard, listened to and understood. It’s not just about sex and physical intimacy. It’s about a deeper meaningful connection. And this type of connection can only be made by putting them first and taking a real and authentic interest in their lives.

Caring and Compassion

These two basic human, but important, traits can go a long way when making a real connection with your clients. Although this varies depending on the client’s desires, a good rule of thumb is to genuinely care and show compassion for your clients.


To a women, few things are sexier and more attractive than confidence. Being confident in what you say, how you act and what you do can make a world of difference. If you’re not confident by nature, practice can help you hone the craft.

Skills Inside of the Bedroom


An athletic escort usually has more stamina than other escorts who can’t keep up. According to the escorts we spoke to, being able to continuously have sex for hours is a huge plus, especially since it takes longer for a woman to climax than it does a man. If your stamina is lacking or you need to take breaks, that moment of lust disappears and has to be rebuilt from scratch. Women who have to stop and wait for you to catch your breath is a huge turn off when it comes to staying sexually aroused, and rebuilding arousal can be a difficult waste of time. So be sure that your energy is up to par with her desire, and keep yourself fit and in shape.

Another benefit of being in shape is simply the fact that being physically fit is a more attractive visual for the woman, and will help her to stay turned on throughout the entire experience. Not to say that you have to resemble an Olympic bodybuilder, but it’s common sense to have enough physical aesthetics that when she opens her eyes, she finds you to be sexy. Being in bed with someone who is sexy will make any woman feel sexy herself, which, in turn, results in a better sexual experience.

Size Matters

No matter what anyone says, size matters. But don’t worry, length is not the only factor that matters when it comes to size, so if you’re not packing a porn star size package that’s okay. When it comes to size, girth counts just as much as size.

But not everyone is gifted with the fortune of length, girth or both. The good news is that you can make up for any lack in that department with how you use what you do have. When it comes down to it, if you don’t have the size, then you must have the talent to overcome it. All in all, size does matter to an extent, so if you can’t please her with sheer size, you need to practice delivering the right “motion in the ocean” to make up for it.

Mind Over Matter

Before you get too caught up on size and physical appeal, you must take into consideration that appealing to a woman’s mind is just as imperative. This could mean anything from making her laugh to teasing her until she begs for more. Great sex is never purely physical for a woman; the mind of a woman is like a really crowded subway complete with random thoughts and outrageous distractions. Keeping a woman’s mind on track will assure that her emotions stay in the right place; and that is, in bed.

Know Your Client

Much like any other job, if you don’t know your customer, you won’t make the “sale”. Furthermore, in addition to each client being different, you must also keep in mind that every client is a woman. And since most men are not certified psychics, you must be able to ascertain who your client is and what kinds of things she likes to do. This will result in an intuition-based vibe that you must learn to not only attract, but also feel and go off of when it comes to maximizing a woman’s pleasure.

Taking the time to “know” your client begins with considering the following:


Believe it or not, a woman’s age may reflect differently on the reason(s) behind her desire to hire a male escort in the first place. For example, younger women who are in their mid-20s to early 30s may hire an escort simply for the fun of saying that they have experienced what it’s like to sleep with an escort. In other words, for the thrill and novelty of it. A lot of young women may desire an escort on their birthday or to celebrate a special occasion, so celebrate accordingly.

Women who are 35 and older tend to rationalize their need or desire for an escort by saying that they deserve the experience, and end up hiring a male escort simply as a treat. When it comes to women who are 35 to 45 years old, it is helpful to acknowledge that their desire to hire a male escort does not, in fact, have to be a sort of rationalization, but instead an experience that they deserve or have earned. This mindset will ease the potential guilt that she may have by hiring an escort in the first place, and her experience will be that much better.

Older women tend to hire male escorts because they want a younger man. What does this mean? It means that you must recognize her need to feel young and beautiful, so implementing a sense of sensuality will be extremely beneficial when it comes to truly pleasing a woman.

While there are always exceptions to the rules, a woman’s age can and often does play a big part in the experience that you provide.

Desires and Requests

Once again, a woman’s desires and requests correlate with who they are as a person, their experiences and proclivities. A women’s desires and lusts are usually derived from personal experience and fantasies. As an escort, you may be the only time she is comfortable exploring those options, so communication is key.

So while it is important to note that a woman’s age shapes their sexual fantasy, a woman’s personality will reflect the end goal of what she truly desires in bed. If you can figure out what a woman truly wants, then you will be in high demand as a male escort. In other words, you will master the art of pleasing a woman.

Here are some tips to start you off:

Women are not the easiest creatures to figure out, but a good sexual experience comes with the knowledge that women, in general, like to feel comfortable before they get into bed with a man. So, especially as an escort, your first goal is to make sure that she feels completely comfortable and at ease with you. If a woman is not comfortable, then the experience in and out of the bedroom will be lacking and you’re unlikely to ever hear from the client again.

Providing a perfect sense of comfort and compassion will lead to the types of sexual experiences that she personally desires, and fulfilling that desire (among other things) is why she hired you in the first place. If she’s not comfortable voicing her fantasies and turn-ons, then she certainly won’t be comfortable allowing you to perform them.

Having said that, a surefire way to initiate a woman’s sense of comfort is a friendly, engaging, entertaining conversation. Talking to her will also help you get to know who she is and what type of flirting turns her on the most. Flirtation will lead to her intimate thoughts and needs in bed, and those needs will provide you with a sense of who she is and what she yearns for in bed.

Closing Thoughts

Physical intimacy almost always sparks from being able to have an intelligent conversation. Sometimes they will be long and in-depth, and other times they will be short, fun, and bubbly. Despite what kind of conversation she enjoys, just talking, in general, provides that perfect sense of comfort, and that comfort will lead to either cuddles, kissing, or foreplay.

From there, it will be easy to decipher what kind of experience she craves as well as how she wishes to get there. And that is how you will ultimately please a woman as a male escort and provide the most memorable sexual experience of her life.

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