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Kegel Training for Beginners

September 3, 2020
By, laura

The pelvic floor is a magical thing. In the context of a more fulfilling sex life, your pelvic floor has a lot to do with your orgasm. Put simply, a stronger pelvic floor can mean more fulfilling orgasms. And suddenly adding a new workout to your daily routine doesn’t sound so taxing.

Exercising your pelvic floor can help with other things, too. As we get older, these muscles can become weaker. Childbirth can stretch these muscles and make it harder for you to control them. This can result in incontinence and issues going to the bathroom. By the age of 40, children or no children, most women would benefit from adding Kegels into their daily routine.

Your pelvic floor is like a hammock, holding up your bladder, bowel and womb. By training these muscles, you can make sure everything stays in the right place. You can also amp up your sexual pleasure and make G spot orgasms more intense. Still interested? Read on…

What is Kegel training?

Training your pelvic floor is also known as Kegel exercises or Kegels. Kegels are a simple contract and release movement that helps to build muscle tone. You can do a Kegel right now by squeezing in your muscles as if you are trying to stop the flow of pee. Hold it for 10 seconds. Release. And then repeat. One might be easy, but doing multiples gets quite difficult.

Why bother doing Kegels?

As we mentioned above, Kegels can help to keep your internal organs in the right place and functioning correctly. But there is another benefit to activating this set of muscles. Women who do Kegels will experience stronger orgasms and a better sexual experience. It is thought that increased blood flow to the area makes everything more sensitive. It also helps the vaginal muscles to contract, which creates a more powerful experience.

Who should try it?

There are a number of reasons you might try Kegel training. Increasing the intensity, duration and accessibility of orgasms is one of the best reasons to try it. Some women even find sexual pleasure in the exercises, so you get even more bang for your buck.

If you’ve had children, you could also benefit from Kegels. This will help to restore normal control and ensure that you can enjoy powerful sexual experiences. Kegels are also beneficial when you’re preparing for birth, as your muscles will recover sooner if you are already doing the exercises.

What do I need to get started?

You can get started doing Kegels right now. Start by squeezing the muscles, like you are trying to stop the flow of urine. Hold this for ten seconds and then release. Relax a moment and then repeat. Do this throughout the day and you should start to feel it get easier as your muscles get stronger.

While you can do Kegels by simply squeezing and holding the muscles, there are toys that make it a lot more fun and pleasurable. Kegel balls are weighted balls that you try to hold inside you. You start with a smaller weight and build up to a heavier and larger one. Choose a silicone option for the most hygienic choice. Kegel balls can be worn throughout the day, allowing you to do your Kegel exercises while you go about your day-to-day tasks.

Vibrating Kegel balls add an extra element of fun to these exercises. These will deliver targeted stimulation right to the muscles you are training. Vibrating Kegel balls upgrade the experience and can even be added to your foreplay routine. Since the Kegel balls will be deep inside you, the vibrations will only be known to you, so they’re very discreet.

Smart Kegel balls will upgrade the experience even more. This type of toy will connect to your smartphone and allow you to play games using your vaginal muscles. Squeezing your muscles will control a function in the game. This will help you to gain better control over your muscles in a fun and accessible way.

Tips for using Kegel balls

To make the experience more enjoyable, try warming up your Kegel balls before you get started. You can do this by placing them in warm water. A spot of water-based lubricant will also make it much easier to insert and remove your Kegel balls.

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