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Tips for Planning the Perfect Hen Party

September 21, 2020
By, laura

Planning the perfect hen party is all about tailoring it to your bride-to-be. This isn’t only about having a blow out night that you can enjoy, it’s about giving her a last taste of freedom before her wedding. Recent events may have forced friends and family members to cancel or postpone their wedding plans. But when things are back to normal, you’d better believe hen parties will come back with a bang. If you’ve been put in charge of planning a hen party for someone in your life, read on to discover how to make it the best night ever.

Gather your hens

You can’t do this alone. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when it comes to planning the perfect hen party. Assemble the rest of the wedding party and hand out the assignments. Know someone who is impeccably organised? Great, let them take care of bookings. Know someone with a creative flair? Give them free rein over the decorations. A hen party isn’t about showing how much you can do on your own, it’s about bringing together the bride’s friends and family to create a memorable night.

Think about the bride-to-be

A shrinking violet isn’t going to enjoy a night of dancing at the hottest club in town. And not everyone enjoys a spa day. You don’t have to follow the typical format for a hen party and there are no set rules about what to include or leave out. Think about what would make the day memorable for them and then build on that idea. This could mean a relaxing day at a spa, or it could mean an adventurous hike through the wilderness. You have to make it somewhat enjoyable for everyone, but ultimately it should be about what your hen wants to do.

Give everyone notice

Check and double-check the guest list to make sure no one important is left off. Check with friends and family to make sure the list is complete. And don’t forget to check with someone on the groom’s side of the family. It would be awful to forget his sister, for example.

Next, get contact details for everyone so you can start inviting them. If you don’t have concrete details yet, don’t worry. Just pick a date and stick with it. People may need to make travel plans or take time off work. By giving everyone plenty of notice, you can get a confirmed guest list and start to make concrete plans.

Keep things flexible

If you’re planning a whole weekend jaunt, keep things flexible by making it possible for individuals to come along to parts of the hen weekend. This will help to shake up the guest list and make it possible for more people to attend.

For example, you could have a spa day followed by a night out followed by a stay at a hotel and then an activity the following day. People with kids might not be able to go for a night out of stay overnight, but they could attend the spa day or the activity day. By keeping the plans flexible, you’ll make it easier for your guests.

Don’t forget decorations

Decorations help to elevate the hen party and make it more social media-friendly. Everyone loves a good backdrop and oversized balloon letters to make their Instagram stories pop. Don’t skimp on the decorations and make sure they’re portable if you’re going to move around different locations.

Plan too many activities

Hen party games help to keep things interesting when the chatter dies down. You might be mixing a large group of people who don’t know each other outside of their one mutual friend, the bride-to-be. This puts the bride-to-be in the awkward situation of having to entertain everyone. If you plan party games, this will help to loosen everyone up and get the conversation flowing.

Always plan more games than you could ever imagine playing. If a game isn’t working or everyone gets bored, you need to be able to switch to the next game quickly. Hen party board games are ideal for this situation as the fun is pre-packaged and ready to go. Make sure you plan some fun rewards and forfeits to make things more entertaining. This is where funny props and classic hen party treats can be a welcome addition.

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