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How to enjoy sex furniture without the sex dungeon

November 27, 2018
By, laura

If your current abode lacks the subterranean space required for a sex dungeon, don’t despair. There’s no need to sell up or start trawling RightMove for the perfect new pad just yet. You’ll be happy to learn that it’s pretty easy to incorporate sex furniture into your existing home, even if you need to be able to stash it all away when the in-laws come to visit.

Sex furniture without the sex dungeon

If you want to experiment in the bedroom and take things up to the next level with restraints, furniture and other playtime toys, there’s no shortage of accessories out there that can help you to do this. The problem most people face is: where do we keep them when they’re not in use?

Hiding your toys from prying eyes isn’t always easy, but a hidden room in your house may not be an option. Instead, look for removable accessories and accents that will allow you to transform your space into a sex dungeon, and hide it all away again when required.

PVC bedding

Don’t ruin your Egyptian cotton sheets with lube and massage oil. Instead, pick up some PVC sheets to give your bedroom an orgy vibe. These PVC sheets are wipe-clean and available in black, purple and red, so you don’t have to compromise your colour scheme. PVC sheets are an ultimate fetish item and perfect for food play or for covering in massage oil and lube. Drape them over your bed, a chair, the floor or a sofa and then stash them away when not in use.

Over-door restraints

Love being tied up and left? These overdoor restraints are the perfect discreet bondage accessory that will turn your bedroom into a temporary sex dungeon. Pop them off the door when you’re done and no one ever needs to know what you get up to in the bedroom.

Under-bed restraints

Similar to the overdoor restraints, these under bed restraints are the perfect discreet addition to your bedroom. The straps hide underneath the bed, so you quickly pull them out and tie down a willing partner when the mood strikes. When they’re not in use, simply split the straps back under the mattress and no one will even know that they are there. Take them on holiday and you can transform any hotel bed into a bondage playground!

Inflatable love chair

It wouldn’t be a temporary sex dungeon without a love chair, but what are you supposed to do with a love chair when your in-laws are visiting? Unless you can pass it off as a modern piece of art, a better solution is inflatable furniture. While blowing up a chair might not be the best kind of foreplay, you can always leave it inflated in the wardrobe until needed and then deflate it when you want to hide it away.

Silk ropes

Let your imagination run wild and discover new positions with a simple silk rope. A rope is easy enough to hide away when not in use, but there are endless uses that will drive your partner wild. Explore the ancient art of Shibari rope bondage, or just use these ropes to restrain your partner in a discreet way.

Sex swing

Okay, so this one might be more difficult to get away with, particularly if you are using a frame to hold up your sex swing. If you can, fix your sex swing to the ceiling of your chosen room (and make sure it’s safe enough to hold two people). Using a simple hook, you can then take your sex swing down and stash it away from prying eyes.

Fetish wardrobe

Set aside a drawer in your dresser for all of your favourite fetish dress up outfits. Giving your “other” wardrobe a special place in your dresser is one way to spice up your bedroom while keeping things discreet. Put a lock on the drawer if you’re worried about anyone snooping. You could also use a hidden section of your wardrobe, or hang your sexiest outfits in discreet garment bags. As we’ve outlined above, there’s no reason you can’t transform your bedroom into a temporary sex dungeon. All it takes is a little bit of planning and creativity. With the right accessories and toys, you can indulge your every desire without anyone ever stumbling across your secret pleasures.

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