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Common Sex Injuries and How To Fix Them

May 29, 2018
By, laura

Heading to the emergency room with a sex injury is probably one of the worst things a person can endure. However, some sex injuries are medical emergencies and need to be treated as soon as possible. In just 5 years, the number of sex-related injuries has quadrupled in the UK. Many people are too embarrassed to cite the real reason behind their injury and therefore their doctor cannot properly treat it.

Common sex injuries and how to fix them

If you’re wondering how to treat these common (and not so common) sex injuries, read on…

Vaginal tear

This can happen if you are too rough or get going without the right lube. Vaginal tears are fairly common and will often heal on their own in a few days. It’s important to keep the area clean, give yourself time to heal before going at it again, and make sure you use enough lube next time.

Broken penis

Calling it a penile fracture doesn’t make it sound any less horrific. Thankfully, this is a very rare sex injury that doesn’t happen to many men. You can break your penis when an erect penis suffers a blunt force, which usually happens during vaginal sex or particularly rough masturbation. This is classed as a medical emergency and should be seen by a doctor as soon as possible, so get yourself down to A&E ASAP.

Torn banjo string

The frenulum is a small piece of skin on the underside of the penis. If it snaps, you’ll know about it. Torn banjo strings, as they are more commonly known, are on the rise as a result of people engaging in rougher sex than ever before. If you tear your frenulum, expect pain and quite a bit of blood. If this happens, it will likely heal on its own, but you’re going to have to refrain from sex for around 6 weeks. Ouch.

Lost items

Things getting stuck up there is fairly common and can often be resolved at home. If you wait until you are no longer aroused, it’s often much easier to retrieve your lost item, whether that’s a forgotten tampon, a stray condom, or a wayward sex toy. However, if you’re having trouble locating it, you’re going to need to take a trip to the doctor, as awkward as that may be. Just remember that your doctor is human too, and they will probably have seen it many times before.

Pulled muscle

Particularly athletic sex can often lead to pulled muscles. While very painful at the time, you’re unlikely to need medical attention. Like any athletic injury, the best treatment is to rest the affected area and alternate with warm and cold compresses. And make sure you warm up next time to avoid pulling another muscle.

Shower slips

As more and more people venture out of the bedroom, a popular location for getting down and dirty is the shower. Unfortunately, this can lead to nasty slips as people get caught up in the moment. The use of massage oils can also lead to the floor of the shower being much slippier.

If you suffer a slip in the shower, you may want to get yourself checked out if you suspect you may have broken a bone or hit your head. Otherwise, nurse your ego at home and consider getting a non-slip shower mat before getting wet and wild again.

Carpet burn

Carpet burns can be unsightly and painful, but they are unlikely to cause any lasting damage. These types of skin injuries can happen when going at it on the floor, so the easiest way to avoid them is to stick to the bed or the sofa, or put a nice blanket down to keep your knees and elbows safe from burns and scrapes. Treat it like any other burn and run it under cold water to ease the pain and draw the heat away from the skin.

Sore jaw

If you enjoy pleasuring your other half, you might be familiar with the sore neck and jaw that comes with the territory. This type of injury will likely go away with rest, but if you want to ease the symptoms in future, you can always try introducing some toys to give your mouth a rest.

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