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New Position Of The Week: The Hard Press

October 20, 2022
By, laura

New Position Of The Week: The Hard Press

Looking for a variation in doggy style that offers the chance of a blended orgasm? Of course, you do. And you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better position that allows you to achieve this. While doggy style has the receiver on all fours with their partner kneeling behind them, this one gives everyone a break and allows for better G-spot targeting.

While doggy style makes penetration much easier with little resistance, this one changes the angle, allowing the giver to slow down and last a little longer. If your partner finds doggy style too enjoyable and it finishes him off too quickly for your liking, try adopting the Hard Press to remedy this issue.

What is the Hard Press?

The Hard Press is a simple variation of doggy style. With this move, the receiver lays face down, holding themselves up on their elbows and gently flexing their spine. The receiver lies on top of them, adopting a push-up pose over them. They penetrate from behind, with slower and more controlled motions due to the angle.

Why try the Hard Press?

The Hard Press is actually incredibly easy and it can be a welcome break from doggy style. It’s also very easy to slip down into this position from doggy style, so if anyone has any discomfort in their knees or hips, it’s helpful to know there are alternatives.

This position offers a slightly more awkward angle of penetration, which means the giver will have to slow things down which should mean they can last a little longer. Penetration isn’t as deep, but it should offer targeted stimulation of the G-spot, which increases the chances of a blended orgasm.

What is a blended orgasm?

When we think of an orgasm, we often think about clitoral stimulation alone. But the clit actually extends inside the body and can therefore be stimulated at different points. This explains why some women can achieve orgasm from penetration alone.

The G-spot is a point where the internal structures of the clitoris meet. When this area is stimulated alongside clitoral stimulation, it can result in more intense orgasms. These are often described as longer and more “whole body” than a clitoral orgasm.

How to upgrade the Hard Press

To upgrade this position, try propping a pillow under the receiving partner’s hips to raise them slightly. You could also try introducing a vibrator into the mix. Lying flat means you might not have space to manoeuvre with your hand, but you could wear a butterfly vibe which attaches to your thighs with elastic straps.

You could also wear a couple’s massager that is worn internally and doesn’t get in the way of penetration. Or you could simply position a wand vibrator in the right spot below you. Choose something with a large and flexible head to make it easier to hit the right spot, even if you can’t use your hands to position it.

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