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The Six Types of Female Orgasm and How to Achieve Them

January 26, 2023
By, laura

Six Types of Female Orgasm and How to Achieve Them

Orgasms. We all want more of them. But not many people know that there are different types of orgasm on offer. So if you’re focussing on just one type of orgasm, you could easily be having more by simply expanding your horizons.

Orgasms are more than just pleasurable, they also offer some considerable health benefits. Orgasms have been proven to:

  • Provide pain relief
  • Improve your mood
  • Reduce stress
  • Boost immunity
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Boost fertility

This seems like more than enough of a reason to seek out more orgasms in all their incredible forms. If you’re ready to take this journey of exploration, read on to discover the six most popular types of female orgasm and how to achieve them.

Clitoral orgasm

Perhaps the most well-known of the bunch, the clitoral orgasm is probably the most accessible. Countless toys are available to help make it easier for you to achieve toe-curling pleasure by stimulating this small spot of flesh.

The clitoris that is accessible from the outside is actually just a small part of the whole organ. The clitoris extends around the sides of the vagina and is actually quite large.

Achieving a clitoral orgasm is very simple and you don’t even need any penetration. You can get there manually by using a finger or go high-tech with a vibrating toy such as a bullet. A bunny ear stimulator will provide surround stimulation to help you reach a toe-curling climax much sooner.

G spot orgasm

Although it is often dismissed as a myth by some, the G-spot is very much a real part of the female anatomy. It is located inside the vaginal canal, around two inches in. Stimulating the clitoris at the same time as the G spot can enable you to achieve a blended orgasm that will feel much stronger.

Not every woman can orgasm from G spot stimulation, but if you’re willing to explore in the name of science, read on. You can stimulate the G spot with a finger, using a come hither motion around two inches inside the vaginal canal. The area will feel more spongy than the surrounding tissue. Some women find the sensation annoying while others find it incredibly pleasurable.

Blended orgasm

When you stimulate multiple areas, this is known as a blended orgasm and it is probably the strongest one you can achieve. This typically involves penetration alongside clitoral stimulation, but it could also involve nipple stimulation.

Blended orgasms are often the end goal for many sex toy designers, as they will create something that provides internal stimulation along with clitoral stimulation. You don’t have to buy the latest fancy toys to achieve a blended orgasm on your own. A dildo and bullet vibe will have the exact same result.

What is an A spot orgasm?

A spot orgasm

No, we’re not talking about anal, but we’ll get onto that soon. The A-spot is another elusive part of the female anatomy. It is deeper inside than the G spot, and it doesn’t have a unique texture to help you to identify it.

The reason the A spot is thought to be so sensitive is that this area is the apex of the clitoris. This means that you’re stimulating a different part of the same organ which is found on the external genitalia. So by combining deep penetration with clitoral stimulation, you could be on to an earth-shattering orgasm.

The A-spot is less of a spot and more of an area. And while the vaginal walls aren’t touch-sensitive, they are pressure-sensitive, so you can achieve an A-spot orgasm through deep penetration.

Anal orgasm

There’s a lot of fun to be had with anal if you’re willing to explore. You’ll need a lot of lube and a lot of patience, but you might be surprised to learn that women can orgasm from anal stimulation alone.

It is likely because the A-spot is also accessible during anal, you’re just stimulating the area from the other side. If you do decide to try to seek out this type of stimulation, make sure you go slow and stop if anything hurts. You should also use extra strength condoms and plenty of condom-safe lubricants to ensure a smooth ride.

Nipple orgasm

Moving away from the clitoral region, you might be surprised to learn that some women can orgasm from nipple stimulation alone. With so many nipple toys available, it’s worth exploring if nipple stimulation can tip you over the edge.

Some women find nipple stimulation irritating, but others can derive a lot of pleasure from licking, sucking, flicking, vibrations and suction. Explore our nipple toys collection to find out if there is anything that piques your interest.

Exploring new types of orgasm

Those who are adventurous and willing to try new things may be keen to try out all six on this list. Remember that not everyone can achieve orgasm in the same way.

While some women can achieve clitoral orgasms after mere seconds of stimulation, others may struggle to ever achieve this type of orgasm. And while some enjoy anal stimulation, others will never be able to relax enough to enjoy it.

This is normal and everybody is different, so don’t feel too bad if you can’t achieve any of the orgasms on this list. It may be that you need to approach it differently.

  • Try a combination of manual stimulation alongside toys
  • Try stimulation with a partner and solo masturbation
  • Get to know your body to find out what works for you
  • Get in the right headspace with a raunchy film or TV show

Don’t let a lack of orgasms get in your way of enjoying great sex. It isn’t always about the destination, sometimes the journey can be just as powerful. Once you relax with your partner and start to have fun, you may find that orgasms are easier to achieve.

Nothing will block an orgasm faster than stress and worry, so relax and focus on being with your partner and enjoying the moment.

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