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How To Spice Things Up While You’re Self Isolating

March 16, 2020
By, laura

The COVID-19 outbreak has forced us all to adapt. Many of us are working from home, those in key worker roles are now working around the clock. And social isolation has become the norm for many of us. If you’re self-isolating with your partner, you might be wondering how you’re going to get through this time with your sanity intact.

Taking care of your physical and mental health during this time is vital. Sitting around refreshing your Twitter feed and worrying about what tomorrow will bring isn’t going to help anyone. We don’t know when we’ll be able to go back to our normal lives, and this is adding to the stress. For now, the best option is to do whatever you need to do to keep stress levels down.

Some are choosing to treat this period of social distancing as a honeymoon period. You now have the perfect excuse to block out the outside world and connect with your partner.

Make the bedroom a no-phone zone

Think about all of the time you’ve reclaimed now that you don’t have to commute to work. Any excuses that you don’t have time for each other have now gone out of the window. Instead of making the bedroom a place where you both panic-refresh your news apps, try banishing phones from the bedroom. And while you’re at it, find the TV a new home, too. Your bedroom should be for sleep and sex during these difficult times.

Go for a drive

So you can’t go out on your usual date night, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep staring at the same four walls. Before cabin fever strikes, grab your keys and go for a drive. You could head to the beach, head to the countryside, or just find a quiet spot to be alone. As long as you stay away from others, you’re not breaking the social distancing rules.

Spend some time alone

As much as you might love your partner, spending all day every day staring at them might quickly put a strain on your relationship. Agree to isolate from each other now and then so you don’t drive each other insane. Remember to respect your partner’s boundaries and leave them alone if they ask for it. When you’re together more than you’re apart, the need to be alone should always trump the need for company.

Stock up on the essentials

Your cupboards may be filled with tins and your freezer is full of food, but is your bedside table well-stocked? Don’t forget to add lube and condoms to your weekly shop so that you don’t find yourself in a situation where you have to choose between alleviating boredom and safe sex.

Make sure you’re using the right lubricant for your needs. Remember that silicone toys prefer a water-based lubricant, as a silicone-based lubricant can degrade the materials. And if you’re exploring anal, make sure you use a specialist lubricant. You can find lubes with numbing and relaxing agents which will make the experience more enjoyable.

If you forget to add lube to your shopping list, you may be able to find suitable alternatives around the home. These can include things like coconut oil or aloe vera gel. Just make sure you stay away from things like baby oil and vaseline as neither of these makes an effective lube. Instead, they’ll just leave you feeling greasy.

Order some new toys or accessories

If you’re concerned about ordering things while self-isolating, don’t be. Many postal service companies are switching to contactless deliveries, so you don’t have to break your isolation. As for the risk that the virus can be spread on the surface of the items, this risk is very low. There’s no reason you can’t use this time to explore something new in the bedroom. Pick up a new sex toy, explore new boundaries, try dressing up or even just choose a fruity new lube. If ever there was a time to try something new in the bedroom, it’s now!

We recently published an article on the allure of glass sex toys. Or you might be more interested in the possibilities of a strap on. Whatever your preference, we’re confident we’ll have everything you need.

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