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How to Spring Clean Your Lingerie Collection

April 6, 2020
By, laura

Every year, many of us succumb to the desire to clean out our homes in preparation for summer. But does your lingerie collection get the same treatment? Refining your collection and focussing on taking good care of your favourite pieces can help you to appreciate what you have and ensure you always look and feel great.

A great fitting lingerie set can transform your confidence. You’ll go from shrinking violet to femme fatale in the time it takes you to slip on a pair of stockings. But we’re all guilty of hanging on to ill-fitting lingerie for longer than we should. Before you go out and buy new lingerie, it’s time to spring clean your existing lingerie collection.

Figure out what no longer fits

If something doesn’t fit, figure out why. Lingerie that is too small will pinch you in all the wrong places and not flatter your figure. Lingerie that is too big will not provide the right support. Remember that your boobs can change size throughout your cycle, so it’s okay to have bras in a few different sizes in your collection for different times of the month.

Throw away anything old or tatty

White lingerie can turn dingy grey after too many washes. And lace can become tatty after a while. Throw away anything that has ripped or has pulled threads. If you have stockings or hold-ups in your collection, now is the time to check for ladders. If you have latex or rubber lingerie, check for signs that the material is breaking down. Leather material and trim should also be checked for signs of cracking.

Check the care instructions

Now that you know what you’ve got and what gets to stay, it’s time to check if you’re caring for it correctly. Invest in a lingerie bag so that you can wash your machine-washable lingerie without it getting caught in the machine. You should also stock up on latex spray to help recondition your latex and rubber items. If you want to keep your cotton, silk and satin lingerie smelling amazing, try perfumed paper at the bottom of your lingerie drawer, or a lavender sachet.

Decide if it makes you feel incredible

Don’t hold on to lingerie because it was expensive or you just like the way it looks in the drawer. If it doesn’t make you feel incredible, it isn’t doing its job. If you’ve bought something that is more to your partner’s taste than your own, there’s nothing wrong with hiding it at the back of the closet. And get rid of it if you know you’re never going to wear it!

Check you’re storing everything correctly

Some items cannot be shoved in a drawer with everything else. Leather can dry out and crack if it is not stored correctly. Latex and rubber will also suffer if they are stored incorrectly. Look at your current lingerie storage solution and decide if it’s still up to scratch. Drawer dividers can help to keep everything in order and prevent bra clasps from snagging your lace panties.

Add to your collection

Now that you know what you’re missing, it’s time to grow that collection! These are just some of the things we think you should add to your collection:

Every woman should own a few matching bra and pants sets that make them feel incredible. These are the kind of lingerie sets you could wear every day if you wanted, but they make you feel just a little more special.

A corset or basque is great if you want a little extra support and don’t want to show off too much skin straight away.

You should also invest in an awesome set of peekaboo lingerie that will make you feel incredibly naughty. We recently shared our thoughts on why peekaboo lingerie is the ultimate game-changer.

A silk teddy or romper is great for sleeping in during the warmer months, but also excellent for seducing your partner.

Stockings and holdups can help to transform an outfit. They’ll also make you feel ultra-glamorous in a vintage pin-up way.

Fetish wear can help to transform your bedroom antics. If you’ve ever wanted to explore BDSM, then latex, rubber or leather lingerie could help you to get in the mood. We share our advice for caring for your fetish wear here.

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