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Discovering The A Spot For The First Time

October 5, 2020
By, laura

You might have heard about the G spot or the P spot, but there’s a new area of your anatomy that deserves some attention. The A spot is less of a spot and more of an entire area. And since it’s much larger than the elusive G spot, you’re much more likely to be able to find it.

The A spot was first named in 1997 by Doctor and sex educator Chua Chee Ann. A common misconception about female pleasure is that you can stimulate different areas for different “types” of orgasm. But when you break it down, you’re really just stimulating the same part of your anatomy in different ways.

The clitoris is more than just a pleasure nub on your external anatomy, it actually extends around 5 inches inside your body and plays a role in every type of female orgasm. So whether you’re enjoying penetrative sex or just focussing on the clitoris, you’re still achieving the same type of orgasm.

Discovering The A Spot For The First Time

Now that we’ve cleared up that little misunderstanding, it’s time to look at how the A spot works. Just like the G spot, the A spot is connected to your clitoris. The G spot is actually at the apex of the clitoris. The A spot is a little deeper, around 2 inches beyond your G spot. This is why it is sometimes known as the deep spot.

How do I find the A spot?

Unlike the G spot, the A spot doesn’t really have a unique texture or feel. And since it’s so deep, finding it with your fingers might be more difficult. The A spot is really more of an A area. The fact that it’s so big makes it much easier to stimulate.

The vaginal walls aren’t touch-sensitive, but they are pressure sensitive. This is why you’ll want to grab a firm vibrator with a strong vibrating core. Something with pleasure nodules and a deep rumbling vibration will serve you well here.

How else can I access the A spot?

If you’re feeling adventurous, you might be pleased to learn you can also reach the A spot through anal penetration. This is why it is sometimes referred to as the female prostate. It is located in a similar location to the prostate, so you could even use a prostate massager to stimulate your A spot.

What toys are best for this?

If you’re using your hands to search for the A spot, you should know that the “come hither” motion used on the G spot isn’t suited to this part of your anatomy. This would be too intense and too firm for this delicate region. Instead, use feather-light strokes for around 5 minutes. You could also use toys to fast track your pleasure.

When you’re discovering a new part of your anatomy, remember that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all for pleasure. You might find it really easy to stimulate this spot with just penetrative sex alone. But others might find they have to work a little harder.

Start by exploring this region on your own. Get yourself a firm body 5+ inch dildo with a strong motor. A G spot vibe might not be long enough unless you choose something like the Crush Sugar Plum Silicone GSpot Vibe or the Foreplay Frenzy GSpot Climaxer Vibrator. These toys have curved and bulbous heads which will allow you to deliver pinpoint precision stimulation.

You could also explore a prostate massager like the Nexus GPlay Trio Vibrating Prostate Massagers or an anal massager like the Power Gem Butt Plug Vibrating Crystal Probe. Or try a duo penetration dildo to stimulate your A spot from all angles. The 3Some Rock and Ride Vibe offers an accessible and non-intimidating way to explore duo penetration for the first time.

What if I can’t find it?

Not everyone enjoys A spot stimulation. Just like the G spot, it’s a totally subjective experience and you shouldn’t feel bad if it doesn’t do anything for you. While some people find the spot very sensitive, others feel nothing or find the sensation irritating. What’s important is that you give yourself time to explore your body and determine what feels good to you.

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