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The Best Foreplay Positions To Try

July 22, 2022
By, laura

Sometimes it’s not about the destination, but the journey that you take to get there. You don’t have to have penetrative sex to experience pleasure, sometimes foreplay is all you need to enjoy some quality time with your partner.

Foreplay is also essential to pave the way for earth-shattering orgasms. It doesn’t matter if you have the stamina of a porn star; every orgasm needs good foundations, and this typically means starting with meaningful foreplay that fosters a real connection.

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your foreplay, or just need a little bit of inspiration, read on to learn the 6 best positions to get your engines started in the bedroom.

The Rub-a-Dub

Proving that penetration isn’t the only way to enjoy your partner, this unique position will take you back to your early years of sexual discovery when physical touch was so intoxicating. One partner lies face down and the other lies on top of them, facing their feet. If the top partner has a penis, they can lodge it between their partner’s thighs or cheeks and grind away. If the top partner has a vulva, they straddle their partner and rub against their curves.

If one partner isn’t really in the mood but wants to be there for their partner with a higher sex drive, this move can be ideal. And the intimacy of it could just tip the scales and convince the reluctant partner to get involved.

Face off

Mutual masturbation is a great way to learn about what your partner loves. The face off is a great way to build intimacy and anticipation. Lie facing one another in bed and pleasure yourself as you would if you were alone, all while maintaining eye contact with your partner.

Throw in some flirty and dirty talk if you want to take this up a notch. You’ll both learn how you like to be touched and be aching for more contact by the end. This position works well with toys, or you can keep things manual and learn how your partner likes to be pleasured. This move only works if you’re both willing to open up and be honest about what works for you, so don’t be afraid to let loose.

The embrace

The perfect position to get to know your partner’s entire body. One partner lies on their back leaning on their elbows so they are propped up slightly. The top partner slides one leg between their partner’s legs to straddle their thigh.

This leaves both individuals open for business, and it’s the perfect way to slip seamlessly into penetrative sex. If you’re feeling more adventurous, introduce some toys into the situation. Nipple clamps will stimulate one partner while delivering visual stimulation to the other. And you can’t go wrong with a simple bullet vibe to explore all your most sensitive spots.

Talk about

Like the face off, but slightly more vulnerable. With this move, you sit at opposite ends of the sofa and pleasure yourself while sitting upright and facing your partner. They get a full view, you get a full view, and everyone gets precisely what they want. Talk about what you’re doing, share how it feels and let your partner know what feels good.

And if you’re feeling bold, you can also throw some toys into the mix. The anticipation of seeing your partner but not being able to touch them just yet will build up into some serious sexual tension. So when you finally do touch, you’ll both be close to climax and all you have to do is help each other over the finish line.

Love Tug

For this move, one partner is on all fours and their partner positions themselves behind them. The idea is to reach around and explore your partner’s body from this vulnerable and submissive position.

This is one position that would certainly benefit from the introduction of toys. Nipple clamps or pumps will help to make the nipples extra sensitive to every passing glance.

The handshake

The beauty of this move is that it can be performed anywhere, and the riskier the better. So if you want to surprise your partner on their way through the door and get naked in the hallway, then don’t hold back. The handshake is the best standing foreplay position out there. Stand facing each other around 2 inches apart with your hands in front of each other. And then basically have sex with each other’s hands.

It might sound odd and difficult to achieve, but the possibilities are truly endless. Introducing small sex toys into the mix will maiximise your pleasure, but it really isn’t necessary. The spontaneity of this move will likely always lead to further bedroom antics and powerful orgasms.

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