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The complete guide to penis pumps

September 2, 2022
By, laura

The complete guide to penis pumps

Penis pumps are used to help enlarge the penis, intensify an erection and deliver incredible stimulation. When used regularly, they can deliver incredible results, including increasing the length and girth of your penis. If you’re looking for a toy that will get you ready for anything in the bedroom, a penis pump is worth considering.

The tissue in the penis responds well to this type of stimulation as it encourages the blood vessels to widen, making more room for blood to flood in when you are aroused. So, after a few weeks of regular use, you can enjoy harder erections for longer. Some men also derive a lot of pleasure from the routine of using a penis pump.

Who can benefit from a penis pump?

Anyone with a penis can benefit from this little bit of bedroom kit. You don’t have to be concerned about size or performance to enjoy the benefits. While it might take some getting used to, the act of using a penis pump can also be quite pleasurable. And regular use can help to increase sensations during sex. So, if you ever thought that a penis pump wasn’t right for you, read on to learn how to make the most of this unique bit of kit.

What is a penis pump?

A penis pump is a kind of performance aid that helps to increase pressure on the penis tissue, resulting in a temporary increase in size and girth. When used repeatedly, this can result in a more permanent increase in penis size, particularly when flaccid.

Most penis pumps work with air pressure but some will use water. Almost all have a clear plastic tube that holds the penis. At the end of the tube, a ring of soft material helps to prevent skin from being sucked into the tube and creates a light seal. Some penis pumps have a physical hand pump while others are controlled with buttons. Penis pumps also have a pressure release valve for safety.

How to use a penis pump

Like with all sex toys, it’s important to make sure you clean them before use. You should then make sure it’s completely dry before you start.

Start with a full or semi-erect penis. If you’re using a Bathmate, you’ll want to be completely flaccid to begin. Apply lubrication to the opening and to your penis to make sure everything is smooth and there’s no uncomfortable friction.

Insert your shaft into the cylinder until the base is flush with your body. The aim is to create an air-tight seal. Next, place a finger over the air release value to get started. There may also be a setting to switch to air intake.

Starting slowly, use the pump to gradually increase pressure in the cylinder. Go slowly and check that everything feels ok. You should feel pressure but no pain. If you feel pain at any point, stop and release the pressure.

Continue pumping until you are completely erect. Make sure you continue checking your penis to ensure nothing is unusual. Look out for discolouration or bulging veins. If anything feels wrong, release the valve and stop using it.

You can continue pumping to your desire after you are fully erect, but you shouldn’t use the device for longer than 20 minutes as this can damage the blood vessels. Once you are done using the device, release the pressure and you’re ready to go.

Try wearing a cock ring immediately after to help keep yourself hard for longer.

If you’re using a Bathmate, the process is slightly different as it uses warm water to increase pressure. Follow the instructions provided with your device.

Are penis pumps safe?

While they are generally safe when used correctly, there are risks to using them. You need to pay close attention to how you feel and make sure the safety release valve is working before you get started. If any part of the penis pump is faulty, don’t continue using it and buy a replacement.

While using the pump, you should feel pressure but no pain. If you’re in pain, you need to stop and release the valve. While using the pump, you should keep a close eye on your penis and the surrounding area. Discolouration and bulging veins are a sign that something is amiss and you should stop using the pump.

While penis pumps are intended to be used regularly, there is such a thing as excessive use. You shouldn’t use it for longer than 20 minutes at a time and you should limit use to 3-4 times per week in the beginning.

And remember just because something has been okay in the past, it doesn’t mean it will always be okay. Listen to your body every time you use your pump and stop if something doesn’t feel right.

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