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Top 6 Tried and Tested Oral Sex Positions

July 22, 2022
By, laura

Oral sex can be a standalone act or the build-up to the big show. No matter your reasons for exploring each other with your tongue, digits and toys, there are a few ways you can ramp up the passion with a simple change of position.

When you’re ready to mix it up with a new position, here are a few tried and tested ways to upgrade oral sex for everyone involved. Whether you’re looking to try something a little more challenging, or you just want to spice things up, these six positions are sure to leave you both breathless.

The elevator

To achieve this move, the receiving partner stands with one leg raised. You could use a bed or a sofa. They might also want to steady themselves on a wall to help them keep balance. The giving partner then kneels between their legs to enjoy full access to their crotch. The receiving partner enjoys an incredible view, while the giving partner has full access to their most sensitive places. To upgrade this, try introducing toys and anal play to the mix.

Nose dive

Perhaps the most athletic of the bunch, this move will require a bit of stamina and core strength from both parties. The receiving partner lies face down while the giving partner stands on one knee behind them. They lift the receiving partner’s waist and settle their thighs on their shoulders while supporting them with their forearms. The giver can then “nose dive” into place and enjoy incredible access.


Switch the power roles with this incredibly intimate position that will leave the receiver feeling like royalty. The giver lies on their back and the receiver straddles their shoulders with their thighs on either side of their head. The receiving partner can hold on to the thighs to offer more control and to move them into the ideal position. While the receiver is dominant, the giver still has much of the control, which makes it an interesting power dynamic.

Sunday brunch

Eating out on a Sunday morning never looked so good. This move might challenge your flexibility, but it will reward both parties with immeasurable pleasure. The giving party sits upright while the receiver stands in front of them with their feet on either side of their thighs. The receiver bends at the waist and places their hands on either side of their partner’s ankles. This leaves the receiver wide open for exploration, and the giver also has free hands for bringing toys into the mix, or pleasuring themselves.

Mount joy

Climb aboard and take your passion to new heights with their stunningly intimate move. This one is best performed on a sofa. The giver sits on the sofa and the receiver straddles them with their knees on either side of their hips and their crotch at face height. The receiver can support themselves on the wall and position their hips wherever feels good. The giver can hold on to their partner’s bum to provide greater control over their movement.

Mirror mirror

This versatile oral sex position is ideal for exploring your partner and reaching new heights of pleasure. The giver lays on their back and the receiver straddles their face on all fours with their hips raised slightly. The receiver has control over their placement, but the giver can grab their thighs to reposition them as required. The receiver can also quickly become the giver by making use of their free hand with a toy.

To further enhance all of these positions, try working with a flavoured lube, a stroker or a clitoral vibrator to help enhance the pleasure for everyone involved.

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