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What is a Tenga? Everything you ever wanted to know about Tenga Eggs

May 20, 2021
By, laura

When browsing the virtual aisles of our sex toy store, you may have spotted small egg-shaped toys marketed to men. The hard plastic exterior gives nothing away about the contents. So you may be wondering, what is a Tenga? And do I need one in my life?

Men have typically been underserved in the sex toy market. Those with a clitoris have a wealth of choices, from wands to bullets and everything in between. But men are typically left behind. Although a hand might be all you need to get off, sometimes you want a little bit of adventure in the bedroom. And this is where the Tenga comes in handy – excuse the pun.

What is a Tenga?

Tenga is a brand of sex toys originating from Japan. The concept is quite simple. They are masturbation sleeves made out of thermoplastic elastomers. This is a body-safe material that is stretchy and very hygienic. The sleeves are housed in egg-shaped holders. The plastic egg has nothing to do with the sleeve, but it does make for a novel way to store your sex toys.

The Tenga company is renowned for its unexpected designs. The word “Tenga” in Japanese translates as “righteously arranged and elegant”, which is an accurate description of their unique products. The company has won numerous design awards for their innovative approach to sex toys.

Interestingly, one of the Tenga company directors, Masanobu Sato, is a Masturbate-a-thon champion and holds a world record for the longest time spent masturbating. He achieved an incredible 9 hours and 33 minutes in 2008. It’s good to know that the company takes their dedication to their craft seriously.

What are Tenga Eggs?

The most popular Tenga product is the Tenga Egg. This is a single-use masturbation sleeve, but it can be reused if washed and stored correctly. The Eggs may be small, but they are very stretchy. So while it might not look like you’ll fit when you first take it out of the casing, you’ll quickly see just how far you can stretch your Egg.

A key selling point of the Tenga collection is that it is not made to resemble human anatomy in any way. So if you’ve ever felt awkward about masturbators looking like fake vaginas, this could be an ideal alternative.

Instead of creating a replica of the female anatomy, the Tenga Eggs have ridges, nodules and bumps to create unique sensory experiences. You can purchase a pack of 6 eggs, and each one will have a different textured surface. This allows you to explore new sensations and have a different experience every time.

Another key benefit of the Tenga Eggs collection is the use of suction. While many sleeves and mastubators have open ends, the closed end of the Tenga makes for a unique suction feeling. This can intensify the sensations and can be amped up by adding more lube.

What are Tenga Cups?

Tenga Cups are similar to the Eggs collection, but instead of removing the plastic outer, you use this to hold on to. Different Cups offer different sensory experiences and they are also loaded with interesting features such as vacuum pressure valves and lubricant rings to keep your lube in place.

Tenga Cups are pre-lubricated and ready for action. These disposable cups are ideal for upgrading foreplay or enjoying some alone time. Some people do report they can get extra use from their Cup if they clean it correctly and allow it to dry completely. But if you’re looking for a reusable option, Tenga has you covered.

You can choose between pre-lubricated and disposable Cups, or upgrade to the reusable range. The reusable range is invertible for easy cleaning, and this allows you to see the unique textures housed on the inside. Like the rest of the collection, they are not modelled on anatomy and instead offer raised surfaces, varying pressure and changes in tightness.

The plastic exterior allows you to apply varying pressure to the cup, increasing the tightness at will. This is ideal if you want things to still feel somewhat natural.

Who should try a Tenga?

If you’re curious about male sex toys but feel strange keeping one in your home, the disposable nature of Cups and Eggs is ideal for you. It’s also great if you aren’t turned on by the fake female anatomy common in so many male sex toys.

The material isn’t designed to feel like human flesh and you won’t have to renew it with powder to keep it feeling fresh. If you aren’t concerned with things feeling realistic and would rather just have a fancy solo experience, this is the ideal choice for you.

Tenga Eggs and Cups are also great gifts. Men don’t often get sex toys as a gift, so this makes a great birthday gift or Valentine’s Day gift. Tenga Cups and Eggs don’t have to be used solo, they can easily be brought into the bedroom to allow couples to spice things up.

Alternatives to Tenga

If you’re curious about male sex toys but aren’t ready for a full sleeve yet, you should explore our strokers collection. You can choose between the Fleshlight range, which looks and feel just like real skin, or a simple reusable stroker to help upgrade your solo time.

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