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5 Lingerie Styles That Suit Everyone

February 26, 2018
By, laura

There’s something a little special about getting some new Sexy Lingerie whether you treat yourself or have it bought for you.

Slipping into a new lacy bra or a silky pair of knickers makes you feel special.  But sometimes getting the right lingerie styles can be tricky even when you are buying it yourself because there are so many different options.  So here are some tips for choosing your sexy lingerie and some styles that can work for everyone with the right advice.

Body types

One of the easiest ways to choose sexy lingerie that works well for you is to use your body type.  Okay, we don’t all fall exactly into any particular category, but they can be used to give you some general ideas.


As the name suggests, these are long and lean women with the legs of a ballerina but often smaller curves and bust.  So to highlight what works best and give other areas a little boost, halter neck styles are great and go for shaped bust insets.  An empire waist is also a great way to show off your lines.

Inverted triangle

An inverted triangle shape is also known as a carrot shape (not the most flattering but there we go) and a famous example is Angelina Jolie.  These are women with slim ankles and legs, broad shoulders and waist and hips that are roughly the same size.  So the aim with lingerie is it have insets at the waist and bust to emphasise curves and lacy finished at the hem to balance your shoulders.


Think Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and you have the classic pear shape with lots of great curves especially around the bottom and hips.  Bias cut skirts and contrasting stretch lace helps flatter those curves and balance out the top half of your body.  And go for the deep neckline too in those baby dolls.


Another shape that doesn’t sound glamorous, but it works for the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow.  Here you have a relatively long, straight line throughout your body with shoulders, waist and hips all being the same size.  Here you want to go for elaborate back straps, flared skirts and even open back styles – long robes over a negligee for example.


This is a classic shape with the nipped waist and full curves, often with a good bust size.  Wrapped styles work well for this shape and long sleeves while you can definitely go for those open back looks.


The apple shape means that upper and lower body is proportionally slender, and the weight tends to be in the midsection.  Under-bust cut bras can help boost your bustline and don’t be afraid to go short and show off your legs.  Delicate straps are better than wider ones.

Must have lingerie items

Looking at your body shape and size can give you some ideas of the best types of lingerie to choose or at least some of the features to look out for in it.  But there are also some must-have items that will work for anyone when you just get the right size.

  1. Babydoll

A colourful babydoll is something that will always make you feel sexy and pretty.  Choose a favourite colour or a shade that works with your colouration.  And use the body shape tips to help pick the exact style – delicate, thin straps maybe or a shorter length, perhaps a lacy trim.

  1. Slinky robe

A slinky robe is another important part of your lingerie collection.  Not only does it keep you a little warmer than just a babydoll, but it is another fun layer to take off.  You can match it with your babydoll or go for a complementing look that can be worn with different ones.

  1. Lacy bodysuit

A lacy bodysuit makes you feel great and can be worn as outerwear depending on the style and where you are going – you often see women wearing them with a pair of jeans and a jacket over the top!

  1. Thigh highs

Black thigh highs are something every woman should have in her closet.  They are very versatile and add warmth as well as making you feel a lot sexier than normal tights.  You can even go for thigh high stockings if you prefer.

  1. Bra and knickers

The final piece in the sexy lingerie collection is the sexy bra and knickers.  Go for something a little different to your normal styles with some lace, satin, silky materials or even mesh.  These are the styles you wear for special occasions, not just to work each day.

Make sure you get the matching knickers, usually two pairs per bra for a minimum.  And if you aren’t sure about what size to get, you can use online measuring information to get the perfect size – your other half is bound to be happy to help you measure!

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