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sex toys for her
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ID Glide Lubricant 2.2oz


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Ambassador Glyder Condoms


Get Real 7 Inch Dong Black


Mini Rabbit Vibe


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3 Piece Rubber Ring Set


250ml Super Slik Lubricant


Lust Finger Sleeve


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Ultra GSpot Jelly Vibrator


Water Bunny Vibrator


Satisfyer 1 Clitoral Vibrator


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Anal Douche


4 Play Mini Couples Kit


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Bondage tips for first timers

bondage tips for first timers

So you’ve seen 50 Shades of Grey and think you’re ready to explore bondage. First of all, congratulations. It doesn't matter how you discover bondage, the important thing is that you’re ready to try something new in the bedroom.


Everything you need to know about strokers

male strokers

As more men wake up to the idea that they deserve awesome sex toys too, the male stroker is evolving. We recently wrote an entire article on why every penis-owning individual should own a sex toy, and this week we’re going to tell share with you how to make the most of one particular toy.


How to have great sex during a heat wave

sex heat wave

With temperatures around the world reaching record highs, you might be wondering how to keep the passion alive in the bedroom during a heatwave. As the mercury creeps higher and higher, you’re more likely to want to cool off than get hot and heavy. How are you supposed to keep the passion going when you can’t stand to be within 2 feet of another human being? Nevermind engaging in any kind of physical activity.


Discreet and quiet sex toys for the shrinking violet

Discreet and quiet sex toys for the shrinking violet

There are times in life that you just want a bit of privacy. Maybe you live in a shared house, you’re staying with your parents, you’re travelling, or you just want to sneak in a solo session without your partner. If privacy and discretion are key, then you’re going to want to look for a sex toy that is either completely manual, or one with a whisper quiet motor.


5 reasons to buy the man in your life a sex toy

5 reasons to buy the man in your life a sex toy

When it comes to sex toys, there’s no denying that women get most of the attention. Female pleasure has been leading the conversation probably because we assume men can take care of themselves. While this might be true to an extent, there’s nothing wrong with getting a little help in the bedroom. Sex toys can enhance pleasure and teach you a lot about your own body, which is why we think everyone should think about getting their penis-owning partner a sex toy.


What is the UK porn ban and how will it affect me?

porn ban

On July 15th, the UK is gearing up to implement a ban on anyone under the age of 18 accessing porn. In order to enforce this, websites offering porn will have to verify the age of everyone access their site. It’s the first ban of its kind across the world and it has plenty of people concerned about how it will impact them.


Should I be worried about privacy with my "smart" sex toy?

smart sex toy security

Smart and internet connected sex toys have been around for a few years, but this is the year we’re really starting to see them take off. If you’re in a long distance relationship, or if you just enjoy a bit of kink outside the bedroom, someone has likely suggested an internet-connected sex toy to you at some point.


What is sexual happiness and how do I achieve it?

sexual happiness

In the past, a lot of talk around relationships has focussed on getting sexual satisfaction. We’re now taking a far more sophisticated approach and looking at something known as sexual happiness. There are clear differences between the two and in this blog post, we’ll share our thoughts on why you should be aiming for happiness instead of satisfaction if you want to be a more giving partner.


The complete guide to caring for your fetish wear

The complete guide to caring for your fetish wear

At a time when most of us proudly ignore the washing instructions for most of our clothes, you’d be forgiven for not knowing how to care for most fabrics. When it comes to your delicate lingerie and rubber fetish wear, however, there’s less of a risk of a stray red sock turning every pink and more risk that you’ll completely ruin it.


Getting off like it's 1880; the history of the vibrator

antique vibrator advert

Visitors to San Franciso might be surprised to learn that it is the home of the Antique Vibrator Museum, known as Good Vibrations. Here, you’ll find all manner of early vibrators dating back to the late 1800s right up to the arrival of the first Hitachi wand in the 1970s.


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