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Guide to Buying a Sex Toy

first dates Okay so you have decided to see what everyone is talking about – you are going to buy your first sex toy. Maybe it is to have a little fun time yourself or with your partner. You go a shop or maybe online adult toy sellers and the range is staggering – who knew there were so many variations? So where do you start when buying your first sex toy? READ MORE

Why Do People Fake Orgasms?

first dates Statistics tell a clear story – many of us will either have in the past or often currently fake an orgasm during sex.  In fact, the figures show that three out of four women and two in five men have said they have faked it for some reason.  But why do we have the urge to fake it? READ MORE

6 Things to Avoid Doing After Your First Date

first dates First dates can be thrilling when they go well (and horrifying when they don’t) – you feel a connection with someone, you click, and they are all you can think about. But it is easy to blow it after the first date before you even see them again if you give in to those urges. So here are some things not to do after the first date to increase the chances of there being a second one. READ MORE

Top Tips to Keeping Romance in Your Relationship

When a relationship is new, there is an intensity about it and you look forward to every moment spent together. It is thrilling with every little romantic gesture taking on great meaning and being the highlight of the day. But over time, these little things and times spend together become more routine and the romance can fade a little. The mundane events of life take over and you are busy arguing over whose turn it is to put out the bins, rather than enjoying a romantic interlude. So, are there tips to keep the romance in the relationship? READ MORE

What are the Most Common Causes of Arguments in Relationships?

What are the Most Common Causes of Arguments in Relationships? We argue – that’s one of the things humans are good at and in a relationship, there are stresses and strains that mean arguments are almost inevitable. Whether it is your first row or your hundredth, how you deal with the aftermath is a big part of how well your relationship is going to do. But what causes those arguments in the first place?


Does Taking a Break Ever Really Help a Relationship?

taking a break We’ve all talked to people who are taking a break in their relationship for one reason or another. Maybe they have been having arguments and think some time apart might help. Or they are trying a trial separation to see if they want to get back together or not. Whatever the reason, does taking a break ever really help a relationship? READ MORE

Why You and the ‘Perfect Person’ Just Didn’t Work Out

Perfect Person When you are dating, friends and family mean well. They recommend someone they know because they think they are ‘perfect’ for you and that you should definitely go on a date with them. And we often go along with these recommendations because your friends and family know you, so their matches should be better than a random dating app, right? But sometimes, these recommendations can backfire – so how do you know that you and the ‘perfect person’ just aren’t right for each other? READ MORE

What makes sex such an important part of being together?

Every relationship is unique and different things work for different people. But there are some common themes that you will find if you talk to people who consider themselves in a happy relationship. And you can use these are guidelines to help your new relationship become one of these as time goes by


How to Tell if a Woman Might Be Interested in You

Woman Might Be Interested When you first get to know someone, whether on a date or under other circumstances, you might feel that click, that sense of chemistry. But guys are often a little nervous or cautious, not wanting to seem pushy. What are some of the subtle signs that a woman might be interested in you and may be receptive to being asked out on a date? READ MORE

8 Behaviours to Help You Find Love When Dating

Find Love When Datin Dating is a rollercoaster of emotions – you are up and excited when a date goes well and down when it doesn’t. Adrenaline pumps when you meet someone who you really connect with and you hit it off. Or you feel the urge to give it all up and stay curled up on your sofa when it goes bad. This whole process can take its toll on the dater but there are certain behaviours you can use to help you cope better with it and be more successful in your search for love. READ MORE

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