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Kiss Goodbye To Boring Sex With These Easy Positions

new positions to tryEven the most adventurous couple can get bored. It happens. Life gets busy and you might find yourself with no energy at the end of the day, nevermind the brainpower to come up with something more creative to try in the bedroom than plain old missionary.


7 Techniques For Better Massages

better massages

We’ve all seen the episode of Friends where Monica discovers her massages are terrible. She has to be good at everything, but giving massages is just not her thing. We’ve all received terrible massages, and it can be difficult to forgive a partner if all they do is tickle you or knead the muscles in your back like a batch of dough.


The Complete Guide To Lube

complete guide to lubeLube is a wonderful thing. In the world of engines and machines, it’s essential for keeping all the moving parts flexible and reduce friction. Personal lubricant does pretty much the same thing and can help to reduce friction between body parts during sex or solo endeavours.


5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence In The Bedroom

confidence in the bedroomConfidence isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone, and it isn’t something you can turn on when you want. You might be feeling confident as hell all week, but then when it comes to the bedroom you end up feeling completely blah. The first thing to remember is that this is completely normal!


From Yoga To Squats: Exercises That Can Improve Your Sex Life

exercise for sex

Exercise isn’t just about getting in shape and slimming down. If you’re training for the bedroom Olympics, you’re far more likely to be focused on improving your stamina, flexibility and boosting pleasure. Not to worry, as there are plenty of perfectly innocent exercises you can try to secretly boost your performance in the bedroom.


Common Sex Injuries and How To Fix Them

sex injuries and how to fix them

Heading to the emergency room with a sex injury is probably one of the worst things a person can endure. However, some sex injuries are medical emergencies and need to be treated as soon as possible. In just 5 years, the number of sex-related injuries has quadrupled in the UK. Many people are too embarrassed to cite the real reason behind their injury and therefore their doctor cannot properly treat it.


How To Practice Safe Electro Sex Stimulation


If you’re looking for a way to electrify your love life and put the buzz back in the bedroom, you might be interested in electro sex stimulation. Like licking a 9v battery, but for your whole body, this unique form of stimulation is designed to create sensations unlike anything you’ve ever felt before.


What's Your Vibe? Solo Sex Toys For Single Ladies

single lady sex toys

Thanks to a growing conversation about female sexuality and the health benefits of masturbation, women everywhere are starting to wake up to the benefits. Not only can a ménage à moi help boost your confidence and make you feel hella sexy, it also comes with an array of health benefits.


Beyond 50 Shades: Top Erotic Fiction For Every Taste

top erotic fiction

Some people discover erotic fiction by snooping around a friend’s bookshelf and stumbling across something that gets their pulse racing. While others may have been introduced to the genre by a certain film and book franchise which has turned an entire generation on to BDSM.


Buying Lingerie for the Missus? How to Get it Right Every Time

lingerie buying guide

Buying lingerie for your other half can be like walking through a minefield. All of the advice you find online is completely conflicting, and heading to her friends for advice could easily leave you red in the face. Lingerie is a very personal thing, and women’s preferences might not be immediately obvious from what you can already see lurking in her underwear drawer.


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