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10 sex mistakes you're probably still making

sex mistakes

Sex is one pursuit in life that you can always improve. There is always something new to try and explore, and this is what makes it so exciting. The problem is that many of us fall into bad habits that can have a negative impact on our sexual pleasure.


How to increase your chances of getting pregnant

getting pregnantWe’re not all about sex toys. Sex toys are a key part of relationships, and relationships often involve making plans to extend your family. If you’re hoping to get pregnant, having lots of sex is a great place to start.


A brief history of the rabbit

history of the rabbit

Few toys are as instantly recognisable as the rampant rabbit. While you might think you know the history of this iconic, toe-curling toy, you may be mistaken. No matter what the brand, you know a rabbit when you see one, even if it has added extras.


6 Ways To Build Intimacy In Your Relationship

build intimacy relationshipIntimacy is a complex emotion that can often go missing in long-term relationships. It isn’t something that will stick around on its own. If you don’t work on maintaining it, then you might find yourself wondering why you’re with the person you’re with.


Sex Toys for Lesbian Couples

sex toys for lesbian couplesMuch of the sex toy market is aimed at solo pleasure. Which is great, but sometimes, you want to include another person in your passionate romp. It goes without saying that those people in same-sex relationships have very different needs to those in a relationship with someone of the opposite sex.


4 Reasons You Should Try A New Sex Toy

new sex toy

Your first sex toy will most likely change your life, but after a while, you may find yourself growing bored with the same old routine. If you’ve become reliant on your trust rabbit or butt plug for your orgasm, then it might be time to switch up the routine. You might think your current toy ticks all the right boxes, but trust us when we say there are plenty more boxes you could be ticking


Tips for Better Sex At Uni

better sex at uniThere’s plenty of statistics floating around about freshers and sex. Around 18% of freshers had their first sexual encounter at university. 50% of Sheffield University students had sex in their first week. 39% of freshers started uni in a relationship but less than half were with the same person by the end of the first term.


5 Reasons You Should Be Wearing Peekaboo Underwear

peekaboo lingerieWearing sexy underwear isn’t just about turning your partner on. There are many reasons that women reach for their raciest lingerie, and it doesn’t always have anything to do with sex. Wearing sexy lingerie can be empowering and give you a much-needed boost in the most discreet way possible.


The Complete Guide to Festival Sex

festival sexIt’s somehow hot but also raining, you’re caked in mud, you’re wearing wellies and an oversized mac, and suddenly the mood strikes. That’s right! You’re at a festival wondering how you’re going to get away from the endless hordes of people to spend some alone time with someone special.


Building a Sexy Playlist, According to Science

sexiest musicIt turns out that the way to a woman’s heart is through music. Music can evoke many emotions in us, and if you choose the right tracks, those emotions can lead to some pretty outrageous sex. How does this work, you might be wondering?


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