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The best position to make you feel tighter

May 26, 2023
By, laura

The Best Position To Make You Feel Tighter

Did you know that the majority of the nerve endings in your vulva are located about 1-2 inches inside the opening. So while deep penetration might work for some people, there is a greater chance that shallow penetration while feeling tighter will enhance your sexual pleasure more than deep penetration.

As we get older, and after having kids, you might feel less tight down there than you used to. This can make it more difficult to achieve orgasm, particularly if you are someone who relies on penetration. The solution is to look for positions that help you to feel tighter, or that help him to last longer. There are also toys you can introduce that will increase sensations.

Introducing the sexy spoon

You might think spooning is reserved for after sex, but introducing it into your lovemaking is a great way to enhance sensations.

To try the sexy spoon, your partner will penetrate you from behind while spooning you. Your partner will have access to your nipples and clit, or you’re free to let your hands wander.

The great thing about the spoon is that you enjoy the tightness of doggy style without the deep penetration. Going deep doesn’t work for everyone, and it can leave you feeling less tight.

With the sexy spoon, your partner can only get in so deep, which means those extra sensitive parts of your vulva will get more attention and stimulation.

Why this position works

This position makes you feel tighter because of the bend in your hips and the way you are lying sideways. It also limits deep penetration to focus attention on the opening. It’s also a deeply intimate and cosy sex position that is perfect for a lazy Sunday morning. It doesn’t demand too much from either partner and can be ideal for sex after having children.

How to enhance this position

There are simply ways you can make things feel tighter down there. The first is to introduce an anal plug. Not only will this introduce new sensations, but it will also close space and leave you feeling a lot tighter.

Another way to make this feel tighter is for your partner to wear a vibrating cock ring. This will help to keep him harder for longer, which can enhance the feeling of tightness. It will also limit the depth of penetration and increase your chances of reaching orgasm.

And finally, you can also try a girth enhancer. This is a sleeve worn over the penis to increase the girth of your partner. This is one of many performance enhancing toys you might want to explore.

Adapting it to any couple

This position works for non-hetero couples too. For a female-female pairing, try adding a strap-on for penetration. If things don’t feel tight, then you can also increase the size of the dildo attachment. And for male-male pairings, you can explore anal penetration from this angle, as it will limit deep penetration and make for a more intimate and sensual experience. And your partner will have a hand free to reach around and play with you, doubling the pleasure.

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