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The best position to help him last longer: the corkscrew

May 11, 2023
By, laura

This simple variation on a popular position is likely to become a firm favourite in the bedroom. It offers something new for both partners, with excellent intimacy and a new take on closeness. It’s also perfect to help your partner to last longer. It encourages concentration and presence, which can help men to slow down and savour the moment.

But that isn’t to say this position is boring – anything but. It’s a close and tantalising position that could help you hit undiscovered spots (like say, the G spot) which also leaves the clit open for stimulation. As with most positions, this will be greatly enhanced by simply introducing a small vibrating toy like a bullet or finger vibe to help with more pinpoint precision pleasure.

What is the corkscrew?

The corkscrew is a variation on doggy style, but forces the person behind to slow down. Doggy style can be overstimulating for some, which can make it harder to last longer, but with this simple variation, you’ll be forced to slow down the pace and depth of penetration.

The way the penetrated person holds their legs together will ensure everything feels tight and every sensation is heightened. They will also have their hands free for clitoral stimulation.

How to do the corkscrew

One partner starts by lying on the side of the bed, or on the kitchen counter if you’re feeling frisky and confident. They face away from their partner, and position themselves close to the edge. Their partner then enters them from behind, but at a different angle to usual.

The novel angle will ensure new sensations for everyone, and since it will be harder to keep it in, you’ll have to slow down and control the movement a lot more. While this position can lead to deeper penetration, you can also keep it shallow and slow.

Why does this position work?

Anything that changes the angle of penetration will force you to slow down and be in the moment. If sex has started to feel routine and mechanical, trying a new position will force you to be present and enjoy the moment with your partner.

This position is also great when you want to have greater control. Standing and kneeling behind your partner will give you greater leverage, and you won’t have to lean on your arms for control. This means you can last longer, particularly if you struggle to support yourself with your upper body.

The corkscrew also encourages communication throughout, so you’ll have to speak to your partner to find out what works for them. This can be eye-opening and incredibly intimate if you have got into the habit of switching off during sex.

How to make it even better

Changing the angle of the hips using a pillow or position enhancer will make this more comfortable and offer a variation on the theme once you have mastered the basics. Try the Fetish Fantasy Series Inflatable Position Master.

Toys will always enhance the situation. You could try a small anal plug to make the vaginal opening feel even tighter while also offering additional stimulation to the wearer. You could both wear a plug if you’re feeling particularly adventurous.

A finger vibe will give the penetrated partner a chance to explore their erogenous zones while their partner handles the depth and speed of penetration. You could also use a small bullet vibrator, as this will allow you to keep your legs together.

And finally, a rubber cock ring is also an excellent idea if you’re worried about finishing too quickly. Moving to a standing position can help you to experience new sensations which can help you last longer if sex is starting to feel routine or stale.

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