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7 Travel Friendly Sex Toys For Your Next Adventure

January 4, 2023
By, laura

7 Travel Friendly Sex Toys For Your Next Adventure

Travelling doesn’t have to mean boring sex. If the prospect of getting it on in hotel bathrooms, on balconies and in plushy hotel beds is enough to get your heart racing, then you need these travel-friendly toys in your life.

Travelling with toys can be awkward, particularly if you’re selected for screening at the airport. So the trick to dealing with any potential embarrassment is to pack carefully, and leave your less conspicuous toys at home.

If you’re packing for a trip and want to be discreet, make sure your toys include the following features.

Travel-friendly sex toys

There are some features that all good travel-friendly sex toys share. They’re either non-electric, or they have a USB charger that can be plugged in anywhere. Don’t bother with batteries, as you don’t want to be travelling with extra weight, or looking for batteries in a foreign supermarket late at night.

They should also be small and easy to pop in your luggage. And in an ideal world, they’ll also be versatile, which means you can use them in multiple ways. Here are our picks of the top travel-friendly toys available from Pleasure Delights.

1. Vibrating cock rings

A vibrating cock ring serves multiple purposes. First, it can help a man to maintain an erection for longer, while the vibrating portion of the ring provides targeted stimulation during penetrative sex. This type of toy is also incredibly discreet, and you could leave it in its packaging until you arrive at your destination to save any embarrassment at the airport. It’s also small and versatile. Choose one with a removable vibrating bullet for a more versatile toy.

2. Satisfyer

Perhaps the least intimidating-looking vibrator on the market, the Satisfyer is guaranteed to get the job done every time. It’s also discreet and quiet, so no need to worry about bothering your neighbours. And if it is uncovered by airport security in your luggage, it won’t immediately arouse suspicion.

3. Silicone butt plug

Leave the metal butt plugs at home and travel with a soft plushy silicone plug. This versatile toy won’t be picked up on metal detectors, and it’s not electrical, so there’s no reason for it to leave your toiletries bag. If spotted, most people will think it looks like a makeup sponge. Just make sure you pack some toy cleaner so that you can keep things hygienic while on the move

4. Nipple clamps

Nipple clamps can seriously amp up your pleasure without taking up loads of space in your case. They’re a nice little surprise that could transform vanilla hotel sex into something just a little more tantalising. If you’re nervous about travelling with something so risque, try putting them in a small pouch along with some hair grips and ties. They’ll blend in seamlessly and won’t capture attention.6

5. Bullet vibe

Small and versatile, a bullet vibrator is the perfect travel companion. Use it to stimulate any erogenous zone and assist you on your way to orgasm. It’s also very discreet, which means you can pop it in your toiletry bag without a second thought. It might arouse a knowing smirk from airport security, but that’s nothing you can’t handle.

6. Mini massage wand

Need more vibration power to reach climax? A mini rechargeable wand might be just the thing you need to accompany you on your trip. Wands come in many different sizes and are incredibly versatile to use in the bedroom. Just make sure you choose a rechargeable one so that you aren’t stuck looking for a plug adaptor in your hotel.

7. Latex tape

If you enjoy control play and restraints but don’t want to pack handcuffs in your suitcase, then you need to explore latex tape. This non-sticky tape adheres to itself and is incredibly versatile. You can wrap it around your body to make clothing, or you can restrain hands and feet. You can even use it to blindfold or gag your partner. It’s also cheap, so you don’t have to be committed to bringing it home again. You could take a roll with you and throw it away when you’re done. Although it’s worth noting that latex tape can be used time and time again by simply rolling it back up again.

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