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Christmas gifts for those on the naughty list

December 13, 2018
By, laura

It’s that time of year again! Whether you love it or loathe it, there’s no denying that you can have some fun with Christmas gifts. If you know someone who is on the naughty list this year and you want to get them something a little bit kinky or saucy, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s explore some of the best Christmas gifts that they will definitely want to find under the Christmas tree this year.

Kinky Christmas gifts for your other half

Before we launch into the Pleasure Delights Christmas gift guide, let’s first talk about how to successfully give someone a kinky gift. For starters, you need to make sure the two of you will be alone when they open it. Under no circumstances can you allow your partner to open some edible undies in front of their gran. If you can’t guarantee privacy, maybe hide the gift until you can be alone, or spice up their Christmas Eve and hide it under their pillow.

Secondly, don’t ruin a new relationship by going in too hot and heavy with the gifts on your first Christmas together. If it’s a new relationship, look for a small gift that shows you are thinking of them, but don’t go overboard with an entire couple’s bondage kit. Test the waters and find out if you’ll be exchanging gifts beforehand. With that out of the way, we can get on to the top gifts that your other half will love to find under the tree this year…

Lingerie or dress up

Lingerie is always welcome and it’s essentially a gift for both of you. Black lingerie is always a safe bet, but as it’s Christmas, choosing something in a racy red hue might be more appropriate. Check out our guide for buying lingerie for your other half if you need a little advice. You can either play it safe with a regular bra and panties set or choose something a little more risque such as peekaboo underwear. The options are endless.

Couples games

If you are spending Christmas alone together, then a sex board game can really spice things up. The You and Me game is all about building intimacy and learning all about each other while having a lot of fun. Alternatively, reach for the classic Monogamy board game which is perfect for having a giggle with your other half. Even a simple card game hidden at the bottom of their stocking can be the perfect introduction to sex games.

Couples toys

There’s no shortage of sex toys for couples so you can really let your imagination run wild. Choose something that you have always wanted to try such as an anal toy or look for something suitable for a beginner like a vibrating cock ring or finger sleeves. Start your collection of couples vibrators or add to an existing collection with something new and exciting. A Bluetooth controlled vibe is ideal of long-distance couples.

Sweet tooth

Everyone loves a bit of chocolate at Christmas so why not give your other half a box of chocolate penises or nipples. You can also find edible massage oil in chocolate flavour. Body paint in chocolate flavour is also popular with couples who like to experiment with food. Pair chocolate body paint with a vibrating brush for the ultimate pleasure.

Mould your own

Mould your own kits allow you to make a perfect cast of your partner’s junk and then use it as a dildo or add a vibrating core to make your own vibrator. You can also find a mould your own kit that will allow you to make a penis candle if that’s what you’re into.

Sex furniture

If you already live together and want to add some kinky accessories around the house, why not choose some essential bondage furniture. You can find over the door or under the bed restraints that will allow you to turn any space into your own sex dungeon. If you want to experiment in 2019, why not update your bed sheets with some latex sheets, or add an inflatable love chair into the mix. You can read more about our guide to adding sex furniture to your house in a discreet way here.

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