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Hen Party Ideas From Cheap to Classy

September 19, 2018
By, laura

Planning a hen party is an elaborate affair. While the typical image might be of girls falling over in high heels wearing L plates and a Bride-to-be sash, it doesn’t have to be this way. If you’re planning a hen party for someone who wouldn’t be caught dead sipping a pina colada through a penis straw, then fear not, as there are plenty of other options that are just as fun and slightly less tacky.

5 Cheap Hen Party Ideas

A cheap hen party doesn’t have to mean a tacky hen party. There are plenty of cheap hen party ideas that won’t leave anyone disappointed. We don’t all have a huge budget, so it’s nice to know that you can still have an amazing time with your hens without spending a small fortune.

1. Spa Day

You can enjoy a spa day without going overboard and spending too much. Most spas have great deals where you can enjoy one treatment and then make use of the pool and sauna facilities throughout the day. Since you want to spend time relaxing with your hens, this can work out to be a relaxing and totally affordable day. You might even be able to pick up from free tips for better massages.

2. Afternoon Tea

Think about the components of an afternoon tea. Finger food, cake, scones, tea and prosecco. These are all easy to make yourself and can be enjoyed anywhere. If you’re outdoorsy, head to a local park and enjoy a picnic in the sun. If you know a friend who can host in their garden, even better!

3. Slumber Party

When was the last time you had a proper sleepover with all your friends? Order pizza put on your comfiest PJs and settle in for a night of sipping prosecco and watching movies. You can always rent a super cheap AirBnB to make the night a little more special.

4. Cocktail Night

A boozy night out is always a good idea, but why not start it with a cocktail making class at home? Ask each of your hens to bring a different component and then have a go at making all your favourite cocktails before hitting the town.

5. Dominatrix Class

Did you know you can hire someone to come to your home and teach you can your hens to be more dominant in the bedroom? They’ll teach you all the basics of spanking, using restraints and how to take control. Your future husband won’t know what hit him.

5 Classy Hen Party Ideas

Classy doesn’t necessarily mean snooty. You’ll still have a chance to let your hair down and have fun, but you’ll be doing it in a crazy classy location. Think fine dining, exquisite cocktails and ultimate pampering.

1. Rent a country house

Airbnb is filled with great options for holiday lets. Choose something in the countryside with a hot tub and spend the weekend enjoying a little slice of luxury with your hens. If you’re feeling really fancy, hire a chef to take care of all your meals!

2. Hop on a plane to somewhere sunny

The destination hen party is growing in popularity thanks to the cheaper than cheap flights available to places all over Europe. The money you save on a flight can go towards a lavish hotel in Ibiza, Dubrovnik or some other far-flung destination. Just make sure you don’t end up taking the bride-to-be to her honeymoon destination!

3. Yoga and brunch

Some brides aren’t that crazy about making their hen night all about drinking. For the fitness fanatic, a morning yoga class with her besties followed by brunch is a great alternative offering. Those who enjoy a tipple can always make it a boozy brunch, but that isn’t a requirement.

4. Glamping weekend

The fancier older sister of camping, glamping is all about staying in a fabulous yurt or teepee, sleeping in an actual bed and enjoying the great outdoors in style. If you fancy getting close to nature, you can always head out for a hike, but otherwise, sitting by the campfire with your hens is just as enjoyable.

5. Cooking class

Taking a class is a really fun way to spend the day with your hens and create some great memories. A cooking class is particularly popular as most people love cooking. If you’re fans of the Great British Bake Off, why not take a macaron baking class, or pick a cuisine like Italian or Mexican. There are so many luxury cooking courses available that you’ll be spoilt for choice. Pair this class with an exquisite dining experience for the ultimate hen party experience.

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