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A complete guide to aphrodisiacs

August 21, 2018
By, laura

Some people need a sexy playlist to get in the mood, while others rely on methods like role-playing or even wearing sexy lingerie. But what about those who claim they can eat their way to a better sex life? It sounds too good to be true, but there are certain foods which are said to boost your libido.

Your guide to aphrodisiacs

Aphrodisiacs are named after the Greek goddess of sexual love, Aphrodite. It’s the name given to substances, usually food or medicine, which are thought to increase the libido. Aphrodisiacs have a long and vibrant history and every culture has their own take on the tradition.

For example, the Chinese believed that drinking the blood of a poisonous snake would increase a man’s stamina in the bedroom. Now, we’re not saying you should go out and start drinking snake blood, but there may be more enticing options to try. For example, the Aztecs believed that avocado was the secret to passionate love-making. Which sounds a lot more tempting than snake’s blood. But is there any scientific evidence that food can turn you on?

Sadly, scientific studies have shown there is no link between the foods we would normally consider to the aphrodisiacs and an increase in libido. The common food items include oysters, champagne and chocolate. They’re all very sensuous and luxurious food, but there is no evidence they have any physiological impact.

Sadly, it’s likely just a placebo effect. But this isn’t a reason to dismiss them. A placebo effect can still be powerful if all you want to do is increase feelings of desire and pleasure. So, which foods are best for increasing libido and which ones should we avoid?

Evoke the senses

Most foods that are considered an aphrodisiac are simply indulgent or sensuous foods, and the senses play an important role in foreplay. Oysters turn men on for the simple reason that they have the same appearance and texture as female genitalia. This makes them the perfect indulgent snack.

Women who are attracted to men will enjoy the musky aromas of mushrooms, truffles, parsley or chestnuts as they stimulate the senses in all the right ways. There are also universally sensual snacks, such as melted chocolate, vanilla ice cream and even honey. The unique taste of honey is hedonistic and is the reason we have the name “honeymoon” as it was once a tradition to give couples honey the night before their wedding.

There are also universally pleasing flavours, including figs, olives and champagne. Camembert cheese is also considered to be enticing to both sexes. Spices are also an important aphrodisiac. Food cooked with naturally warming spices including black pepper, cumin, turmeric, ginger and cardamom can help to boost libido. A popular treatment for low libido in women is milk and cinnamon which helps to regulate blood sugar levels and boost your sex drive.

Foods to avoid

You want to avoid any food that is going to put you to sleep, for obvious reasons. If you want to keep going all, you need a nutritionally dense meal that is low in fat. A high-fat meal has been linked to a dip in testosterone in men, so this should be avoided. Simple carbohydrates are more difficult to digest, so your body will turn its attention to that instead of the task at hand. Avoid things like pizza, creamy pasta dishes or large portions. And while a glass or two of champagne might help to set the mood, any more than this and you risk putting yourself to sleep. Keep alcohol intake to a minimum if you really want to enjoy your night.

The ideal date night dinner

For the perfect date night dinner to get you in the mood, consider the following options:

Start your meal with baked camembert to share with vegetable crudites for dipping. Enjoy some figs, walnuts and olives on the side.

For the main meal, try a steaming bowl of fresh shellfish cooked with ginger and horseradish to amp up the heat.

For dessert, reach for the vanilla ice cream with melted chocolate or honey.

And wash it all down with a glass or two of champagne

While there might not be any scientific evidence of the effect of aphrodisiacs, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence that the right food can lead to a passionate night!

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