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Things that go hump in the night: Halloween themed fun in the bedroom

October 23, 2019
By, laura

Halloween is not just for kids. Halloween is all about dressing up, indulging in sweet treats and punishing the wicked. What’s not to love?

If you want to get in on the Halloween action, you don’t have to spend the evening getting up every two minutes to hand out sweets to local children. Instead, leave a cauldron of Haribo by the front door, disconnect your doorbell and enjoy a little bit of Halloween fun of your own.

Halloween is a great time for role play with your partner, or to hook up with a complete stranger. Dressing up in costumes and masks gives you the freedom to be whoever you want and explore your deepest fantasies.

You might choose this time of your to explore control play, or take it in turns to explore your role playing fantasies. Whether it’s vampire and victim or demented doctor and patient, there’s plenty of spooky fun to be had.

Watch a sexy horror movie

Whether you get turned on by vampires or zombies, there are plenty of horror movies that will get your blood pumping in more than one way. Vampires are definitely sexy, so why not get cosy for the night watching Queen of the Damned or Interview with a Vampire.

Fans of sci-fi and fantasy will enjoy movies like Basic Instinct or Under the Skin. The alien themes in these two movies will no doubt inspire some pretty wild role playing games.

And finally, teen slasher movies like Scream 2 and All the Boys Love Mandy Lane will get your heart racing for more than one reason.

Play dress up

The shops are full of cheap costumes, so why not make the most of it? Costumes are great for role play and for the perfect stranger fantasy. Arrange to meet your partner at a Halloween party while you’re both in costume. Approach your partner like you’ve never met before and rediscover all of the reasons you fell in love.

Dressing up in the bedroom can be equally exhilarating. Pick a theme like doctor and patient or zombie and victim and go wild. You can even add some accessories and toys to your collection for the occasion. Halloween is a great excuse to talk about what you really want in the bedroom and to explore fantasies without any pressure.

Explore your sweet side

A large part of Halloween is about over indulging in sweet things. Now you’re a little older, the idea of devouring piles of sweets might be a little less appealing. But you can still enjoy a sweet treat in the bedroom.

Candy underwear is probably the best place to start. Enjoy your own game of trick or treat with a candy bra or cock ring. Sweet flavoured lube is another obvious choice. This sweet and kissable pack of 5 Juicy Lubes will always be welcome in the bedroom. And finally, you can try a sweet treat like Oral Sex popping candy for an explosive night.

Try body paint

You could always skip the costumes and make your own masterpieces this year. Get creative with this edible body paint, or turn your bedroom into an alien spaceship with this glow in the dark body paint. There’s also chocolate body paint for those who like their erotic art with the seductive taste of cocoa.

If you enjoy messy play, take this all one step further with a bathtub or paddling pool full of Slube. Slube is incredibly tactile and will leave your skin feeling amazing. Pick up the red Slube for your vampire fantasy or green Slube for an alien-themed romp.

Play a board game

Don’t worry, we’re not talking about getting the Monopoly board out. If you find it difficult to introduce new ideas to the bedroom, a board game could help do it for you. Try a sexy game like A Deeper Shade of Red to introduce light BDSM to the bedroom. Or if you just need some new ideas, a game like Monogamy will help to light a spark in your relationship. If you want something altogether more kinky, then Fetish Fun is sure to introduce you to something you enjoy.

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