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Top Tips to Keeping Romance in Your Relationship

December 26, 2017
By, laura

When a relationship is new, there is an intensity about it and you look forward to every moment spent together.  It is thrilling with every little romantic gesture taking on great meaning and being the highlight of the day.  But over time, these little things and times spend together become more routine and the romance can fade a little.  The mundane events of life take over and you are busy arguing over whose turn it is to put out the bins, rather than enjoying a romantic interlude.  So, are there tips to keep the romance in the relationship?

Do something different

Habits are a necessary part of life, but they can also drag us down – we are so busy doing our habits that we don’t leave any room for anything else.  That’s why doing something different is very important, especially on the romantic side.

It can be anything from spending a weekend away at a romantic hotel to trying something different in the bedroom with Adult Sex Toys for Her.  Even changing a habit into a nice gesture can help – have the food shopping delivered to your partner to save them a trip to the shops if they really don’t like the task.

Try a new activity together

Getting away from habits can also be done by trying a new activity together.  Maybe you both have a shared interest in trying a new sport or a new creative skill – then why not book some classes together?  Romance doesn’t have to be all fine wine and roses but instead of spending time together doing something that you are both interested in.

Do things apart

As well as doing things together, it can help to do things apart.  A little independence is important in the relationship, allowing you to have some space and do things that only you enjoy.  Not every moment of your time needs to be spent with your partner so whether it is going to the gym, going for a meal with your friends or a drink with work colleagues, doing something on your own can help make time spent together more important.

Treat each other

Maybe your partner loves fancy lingerie or a particular type of wine?  Or they love to go to watch their favourite football team?

Treating each other to something that they love is a nice way to bring in some romance.  It doesn’t need to be expensive, fancy gifts either – a little box of favourite sweets or a second-hand book by a favourite author, these little gifts all show that you care and are very important in a relationship.

Compliment each other

When you first date, you start every date with a compliment, usually to do with how they look, their perfume/aftershave or something along these lines.  Over time, you still notice these things but don’t always mention them because your partner knows you think they look stunning or love that colour on them.

But this isn’t a great idea – instead, keep paying those compliments and let them know how they affect you, how lovely they look or how smart.

Keep some things private

Some couples do everything around each other and that’s okay but others definitely recommend having a little privacy – there are some things your partner doesn’t need to see or hear! Don’t be afraid to lock the bathroom door and have some time to yourself.

This doesn’t make you secretive, it just keeps a little mystery and privacy about some things and this is never a bad thing.  Some parts of looking good, for example, can be a real romance killer!

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