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Kiss Goodbye To Boring Sex With These Easy Positions

June 15, 2018
By, laura

Even the most adventurous couple can get bored. It happens. Life is busy and you might find yourself with no energy at the end of the day, nevermind the brainpower to come up with something more creative to try in the bedroom than plain old missionary.

Easy Positions to Try

If you find yourself falling back on the same old positions time and time again, why not introduce something new into your bedroom routine. It’s not always a case of standing on your head while trying to please your partner, often the biggest changes can be in introducing a new toy into the mix or modifying a tried and tested move.

Modified Missionary

Even if you aren’t feeling particularly energetic, there are simple ways you can spice up missionary to make it more interesting. Try propping a pillow under your bum to angle your hips upwards. Alternatively, you can try missionary with your man standing over you as you lay flat on a surface – the kitchen counter is the ideal place to perfect this one.

Doggy Style With A Toy

Doggy style is another move that couples tend to fall back on. To make it less snooze-worthy, try handing your partner a toy to stimulate you with. He’ll have to reach around and stay close to get to all the best bits. A bullet vibrator is the ideal non-threatening toy to try.

Mutual Masturbation

If you want to find out what makes your partner tick, mutual masturbation is for you. It might feel a little strange, to begin with, but you will soon relax into it and be swept up in your own little moment. Use toys if you need, or stick to your usual manual methods. If you struggle with simultaneous orgasms, this might be your best bet for achieving it and you’ll learn a lot about what your partner likes along the way.

Standing Up

The best part about doing it standing up is finding the right location. If you’re both short on time, standing up is the preferred position for a quickie. The most popular choice is in the shower, just make sure you’re using a silicone based lubricant as this will last much longer than a water-based lube.

Reverse Cowgirl

This one spooks a lot of people because it’s a little more adventurous and it puts you in complete control, but it’s definitely worth it. When you climb on top, instead of facing your partner, turn the other way. You’ll get a similar level of penetration as with doggy style, but you’ll be in complete control of how fast and how deep you go. Certainly not a boring one.

The Lotus

All of those hours spent in yoga classes will finally pay off with this position. He starts by sitting upright and cross-legged on the bed. You straddle him and wrap your legs around him. It’s a very close and intimate position perfect for slow movements and plenty of eye contact. You’ll find it hard to get much movement with this one, but it’s all about those slow and grinding movements. Introduce toys if you want to speed things along.

Tired Doggystyle

While some claim this is just a lazy version of doggy style, there are some extra benefits that make it more than just a modification for lazy people. Instead of being on all fours, you simply lay face down on the bed and let him enter you from behind. This one is great if you enjoy lots of g-spot stimulation, or if you’re just feeling lazy.

Sideways 69

A lot of people don’t like 69 for obvious reasons, so the easiest way to modify this so that it’s enjoyable for everyone is to just flip it on its side. This way, no one is on top and the whole ordeal is less awkward.

On a chair

For comfort and excitement without contorting yourself into any pretzel shapes, the humble chair could be just the thing you’re looking for. It’s sexy, without being too ambitious. It’s raunchy but still very intimate. And it involves equal effort for both parties. What’s not to love! All you need to do is straddle your partner as they sit on a chair. There’s back support, no risk of getting injured, and it’s still interesting enough to spice things up a little.

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