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Buying Lingerie for the Missus? How to Get it Right Every Time

May 15, 2018
By, laura

Buying lingerie for your other half can be like walking through a minefield. All of the advice you find online is completely conflicting, and heading to her friends for advice could easily leave you red in the face. Lingerie is a very personal thing, and women’s preferences might not be immediately obvious from what you can already see lurking in her underwear drawer.

It takes a bit of imagination, some careful planning and buckets of confidence to pull this off correctly every time. If you’re struggling to find the right lingerie for your other half, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to see our top tips on how to get this right every time.

Our guide to buying lingerie

You might have your own measuring system for her size, but I’m afraid you’re going to have to stick to conventional sizing for this task. A ‘handful’ isn’t going to cut it in this situation. Thankfully, finding her size is the easy part, you just have to have a quick glance through her underwear drawer.

You’re looking for the number/letter combination. She might wear a few different sizes, so go for one that she wears regularly rather than something that is sitting at the back of the drawer and seldom sees the light of day. Some lingerie also goes on dress size, so make a note of this, too! If she’s between sizes, go for the smaller one to avoid offending.

Figure out her body shape

Different body types look great in different types of lingerie. She will appreciate you choosing something flattering rather than reaching for whatever looks good on the mannequin. Although you might believe she will look beautiful in anything, she probably has some very different ideas. Shop for her body type, and you really can’t go wrong.

Thin/ Athletic

If she has narrow hips, a small bust and is slender then you can ditch the more structured bras in favour of something like a lace triangle bra set. A sexy pair of shorts or hot pants will look amazing and give the illusion of curves.

Tall/ Slim

If your last is tall and slim, then you can’t go wrong with a bustier and garter belt. This will make her long legs appear even longer and accentuate her curves in all the right place.


If your lady has full curves and a small waist, then you should look for a classic bra set or a baby doll. This will accentuate all the right places and make her feel incredible. A corset is also a popular choice as they are designed for this body shape.

Apple Shaped

If your lady is often worried about her stomach, then a baby doll is the way to go as it will skim over anything that makes her self-conscious. Larger busted apple shapes will also look great in a bustier corset, which will boost her assets while slimming down her stomach and skimming over anything that makes her self-conscious.

Pear Shaped

Women who are larger in the hips might be confident about this fact, or they might want to hide it. If she’s confident about her hips and bum, then go for a plunging V-neck teddy which will draw the eye up and still show off her curves. More self-conscious pear shapes will look great in floating teddy as this will glide over her hips and balance out her proportions.

Extra advice

  • A word of warning, larger busted women want support, so steer away from anything flimsy or unwired.
  • Bralettes and bodies are very fashionable at the moment. Bralettes are typically lace and unwired and are very flattering on smaller chested ladies. Bodysuits are one-piece lace numbers which some women will wear as outerwear.
  • If your lady is self-conscious, the best gift could be a silk robe or kimono. This can be just as sexy as the more racy lingerie and it will make her feel incredible.
  • If you’re going to opt for something a little racier than anything she already owns, such as a crotchless or peek-a-boo style, make sure this isn’t completely out of the blue. Frame it as a gift for both of you, and pair it with a luxury silk robe for her.
  • Black lace is always the safe choice, but if you want to be brave with colour, redheads look great in jewel tones, brunettes look great in red and blondes look incredible in pretty pastel shades.

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