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Sex On The Beach? Tips For Outdoor Sex

June 29, 2018
By, laura

There’s something completely primal about going at it in the great outdoors. Whether you’re bumping uglies in the woods or getting down and dirty on a secluded beach, outdoor sex is something that every couple should try at least once.

In the olden days, only the richest people could have sex indoors because they were the only ones with private rooms, everyone else was living on one-room hovels. The poor people would head into the woods to make love, and with good reason!

Top tips for outdoor sex

Granted, it isn’t for everyone, but there’s only one way to find out if you’re a nature-loving horn dog at heart. With the summertime hotting up and all of us spending more time outdoors, it might get your brain wondering what else you could possibly do outdoors besides hiking and bird spotting. If you’re determined to give it a whirl, make sure you follow these essential tips!

Find a secluded spot

The last thing you want to do is get caught out in a compromising position. Choose your spot wisely and ensure you pick somewhere off the beaten path and away from public places. Getting arrested might not be the worst thing that could happen if a video of your outdoor romp makes its way onto the internet.

The woods, a secluded beach, on a boat, by a lake or next to a waterfall, are all incredibly romantic and risky places to do the deed. If you’re on holiday abroad, you should check the local laws to make sure this isn’t something that could get you tossed in jail for life.

Figure out your exit plan

If someone does happen across your little love nest, figure out a plan to get out of there sharpish. If you’re in the middle of the woods, this might involve making a run for it. If you’re on a beach, this might mean hiding out under a towel “napping” until the prying eyes are gone. Also, figure out how you’re going to clean yourself up when you’re done.

Think about logistics

Outdoor sex might be a spontaneous thing, or it might be something that you plan for weeks. If you’re the planning type, you’re going to want to get some supplies together. At the very least, grab a couple of thick blankets or towels. One for the ground to keep the dirt and twigs off your bum and a second to throw over you in case someone happens across your secret spot.

There are other practicalities to think about. You’ll need to think about bringing the right lube if you’re planning to do it in water. Water washes away your natural lubrication, so you’ll need an oil-based lube to keep things slippery. Also, remember that water and condoms don’t mix. Sand and condoms are also a terrible combination.

Try it at night

If you’re terrified of getting caught, one solution is to take a wild camping trip and do it at night under the stars. What could be more romantic than gazing into your partner’s eyes under the moonlight? Quite simply dreamy. It’s worth noting that you probably won’t get away with this on a campsite, so find a spot that allows wild camping to find somewhere truly secluded.

Assume the position

The easiest way to enjoy outdoor sex is standing up. Find a firm tree to lean against and wrap your legs around your partner. Get them to hold your legs up and use the tree for support. If you’re in the water, your best bet is the dirty mermaid. Wrap your legs around your partner for support and let the water hide whatever is going on below.

If you’re in a tent or on the beach, a discreet position like spooning might be your best bet. This way you can quickly throw a blanket over you and it will just look like a sweet couple fell asleep in the sand. And finally, if you’re on a beach or in the woods and feeling brave, try sitting on your partner while wearing a long skirt. Everything important will be hidden, which makes it even more exciting.

Enjoy the moment

There’s no denying that outdoor sex is a lot riskier and might seem more fun in theory than in reality. If you’re going to go for it, make sure you really go for it. Let your wild side loose and embrace the moment. You’re naked! Outside! And you’re doing the nasty! Enjoy it!

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