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5 Reasons to Try One Of The Pornstar Fleshlights

August 24, 2020
By, laura

You’re probably familiar with the Fleshlight range. We’re willing to guess you’ve seen it while browsing. And we’re also willing to bet that you’re more than a little bit curious – if you haven’t taken the plunge already. You’re right to be curious because Fleshlights are one of the single more innovative sex toys for men. The sex toy market has typically been skewed towards female pleasure and out-there kinks, but men are finally getting their moment in the spotlight.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to upgrade your solo experience. Using a Fleshlight isn’t about finding an alternative to intimacy with another person. It’s all about finding out what works for you, increasing your endurance and finding pleasure on your own terms.

As much as this might be a worn-out stereotype, there is some reassurance knowing that your Fleshlight will never have a headache or be too tired. Once you start exploring the Fleshlight range, you’ll soon discover the porn star collections. These include oral, anal and vaginal openings that are modelled on real-life people. In this article, we’re going to look at why every man should try a porn star Fleshlight at some point in their life.

Introducing Pornstar Fleshlights

You don’t need to have a favourite porn star to get a kick out of these next-level masturbators. There are a whole host of benefits to this collection starting with…

Discover new openings

If the plain opening of the classics collection doesn’t do it for you, it could be the lack of a realistic moulded outer that is killing your buzz. With the Fleshlight porn star collection, you can choose from a range of oral, anal and vaginal openings that are all moulded on the real-life anatomy of your favourite porn stars. It’s that little bit of realism that can really set things over the edge.

Explore new sleeves

Each star has its own sleeve. While the outer might be hyper-realistic, the inner is anything but. You’ll find pressure rings, dots, nodules, spirals and varying pressure to help create a powerful experience every time. You don’t have to choose based on the star you love the most, you could simply pick the sleeve that looks more enticing to you.

Match the face to the anatomy

One reason that many Fleshlight fans love this collection so much is that they can match the anatomy on their Fleshlight to the porn on their screen. Enhance the sensory experience and enjoy the wildest fantasies ever with the help of the Fleshlight collection. If you need a little bit of realism to be able to slip away, this could be just what you are looking for. You might not have a favourite porn star when you start looking for a Fleshlight, but we’re willing to bet you’ll soon find your favourite.

Upgrades available

You don’t have to stop at just your Fleshlight. There are plenty of Fleshlight accessories and upgrades available to make the experience more enjoyable for you. A shower mount is a great option if you want to be able to go hands-free in the shower. There’s also a sleeve warmer to help create a more lifelike experience. There’s also a phone strap that will allow you to put #4 in action. Or you could enjoy a fully automated experience with the Launch. This does all of the hard work for you and can even sync up to VR headsets for a fully immersive experience.

Collect them all

A lot of the fun in the Fleshlight porn star range is that you can treat them as a bit of a collectable. By trying different Fleshlights from the range, you can explore new textures and experiences and find out what works for you best. For example, some people find the “teeth” of the Stoya Fleshlight a bit too overpowering, but this could be just what you’re looking for. Be daring and try new textures and tunnels and you could find something that never fails to blow your mind.

As with all Fleshlight toys, maintenance is the key to longevity. Make sure you wash your Fleshlight after use and get the supple silicone sleeve feeling like new with a sprinkle of renew powder.

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