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5 Sex Toys That Are Just Quite Odd

April 12, 2018
By, laura

Sex toys aren’t a new idea and have been around in one form or another for thousands of years.  But just like we have developed new and interesting ways to do many things, we have also created a whole range of new and interesting sex toys.  Among them are some types of sex toys that are just a bit odd in one way or another.

The luxury items

For most people when shopping for adult sex toys, the function is the main thing you consider.  You want a toy that is fun to use, safe and is made from good quality materials that means it is going to last.  But others, with less financial constraints that 99% of the population are looking for something a little more on the luxury side.

The 24-karat gold ring masturbator is a classic example.  Not only is it made from the very highest quality gold and has a stretchy rubber gel padding that ensures the perfect fit, but this classy sex toy also comes with a matching pair of 24 karat cufflinks.  Not sure if the idea is to wear both together or not. And of course, for the quality item, there is the quality reassurance – a 1 year warranty in this case!

Another one for the high quality shopper is the diamond encrusted vibrator.  Delicate in size and complete in the satisfaction it offers, this little beauty is encrusted with no less than 28 diamonds.  Let’s just hope they used a strong glue! And if you want a matching set, you can also get a diamond encrusted whip to complete your sex toy sparkling shelf.

Multipurpose toys

There are lots of adult sex toys that perform a number of functions at once.  And that’s part of the fun. But some of those functions might not be what you expect.

For example, you can get a product that not only pleasures a woman but also gives those lower muscles a workout.  Aimed at creating strong orgasms and strengthening those lower muscles, these special vagina weights are for those heavy-duty sex sessions.

Sex in the shower can be a slippery business but if you want to clean up and have fun, you can now get a locking foot rest that allows those awkward positions to be mastered easily.  No more worries about using the soap and then slipping on your butt, this foot rests will allow you to multitask to your heart’s content.

So cute toys

Cute isn’t something you would associate with sex toys for most of us but there are those who like a little cuteness in the bedroom and in other locations.

Made of smooth silicone, the I Rub My Duckie massager is an example of a vibrator with a difference.  Use it in the bath for some relaxing fun and make the most of the multiple speeds that it offers.

Loved My Little Pony as a kid?  Then there’s an imaginative adult toy based on the cute little ponies that has a two tone plug made from borosilicate glass to ensure you can play with your toys in complete safety.

Food and sex

Food and sex are often combined in interesting ways but when it comes to sex toys, the food element takes on a new meaning.

Love cookie dough?  Maybe ice cream flavour?  How about a lubricant that tastes like cookie dough?  That’s now available and means you can ignore the tub of ice cream and go for a healthier option. Just not sure if you should be snacking on it on a sunny day in the park…

The Forbidden Fruit massager doesn’t really have much to do with fruit, but the name sounds cool.  This is a serious vibrator with five different settings and a total of seven vibration patterns. One for each day of the week, this travel sized toy is great to take with you for those boring business trips.

Frightening toys

Then there are sex toys that give you the shivers and not always in a good way.  There’s the question of do you really want to put that down there?

The penis cage and ring set is one example that looks a little scary but is very useful for those long lasting sensations and has a great texture.  If you are brave enough to put it into position.

Electric shock nipple clamps are another idea that not everyone will take to or even consider trying!  But if you like a little electricity in your foreplay then these might be the ideal toys to try.


One person’s weird is another person’s favourite so there’s nothing wrong with trying any of these toys.  Or if you want something a little more sedate and easy to get the hang of, don’t worry there are plenty to choose from.

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