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The Pleasure Delights Guide to Creating Your Own Sexy Advent Calendar

November 11, 2020
By, laura

It may only be November, but all rules are off this year. Christmas trees are going up, decorations and lights are coming out of the garage, and Christmas food is firmly on the menu. But there is one thing that really has to wait until December, and that is the advent calendar.

There’s an advent calendar for every taste and preference these days. Choose traditional chocolate, get boozy with a beer calendar, or try something more unique like a beauty product calendar. And if you’re feeling like you might be on the naughty list this year, you could always create your own sexy advent calendar.

Creating Your Own Sexy Advent Calendar

Creating your own advent calendar is a great way to give yourself a whole month of sexy surprises to look forward to. You can use a wall hanging advent calendar, buy a wooden box advent calendar, or simply use numbered envelopes to create your calendar. Once you’ve chosen your own advent calendar style, you can get to work filling it with all sorts of sexy surprises.

What to put in your sexy advent calendar

You might be limited by the size of your advent calendar, so you need to think about what small treats you can put in a small drawer, envelope or mini stocking. Some great ideas for this would be:

  • Small toys like cock rings and bullet vibes
  • Mini samples of flavoured or novelty lube
  • Stockings or panties
  • Massage oil
  • Scented candles
  • Sexy card games or sexy dice
  • Small restraints like a silk tie or silk rope
  • Nipple clamps
  • Bodypaint

How to really spice things up

The problem with one person creating an advent calendar for you both to enjoy is that you’ll always know what is coming. To make things more interesting, we recommend splitting the days in half, ensuring that at least half of the days will be a surprise to both of you.

Running low on ideas?

You don’t have to include an item in each drawer, stocking or envelope, you can also include an instruction. If you’ve always had a fantasy about trying something out in the bedroom, now is your time to throw it in the mix. 

You could include a sexual fantasy to act out, a sex position that you’ve always wanted to try, or even a place in the house where you have to have sex on that day. And it doesn’t always have to be sex-related, it could be a romantic idea, like taking a long bath together or giving each other massages.

Don’t forget the big treat

All advent calendars include a big treat on Christmas day, and yours should be no different. You could invest in a new sex toy, pick up that board game you’ve always wanted to try, or explore something completely new like a beginners bondage set. And when you both know what big treat is waiting for you on the day, the anticipation throughout December will be overwhelming. You’ll be on track for your sexiest December on record.

How this will help your relationship

Building a sexy advent calendar together is a great way to build emotional intimacy. You’ll learn a lot about each other during the month and it could help to reduce some tension and blow off some steam. 

By letting go of your inhibitions and pushing yourself to be more open to new ideas, you might discover new levels of intimacy you never thought possible. Remember that it’s just a bit of fun and will give you something to look forward to every night as you head through December.

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