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What’s Your Vibe? Solo Sex Toys For Single Ladies

May 22, 2018
By, laura

Thanks to a growing conversation about female sexuality and the health benefits of masturbation, women everywhere are starting to wake up to the benefits. Not only can a ménage à moi help boost your confidence and make you feel hella sexy, it also comes with an array of health benefits.

For starters, increasing your heart rate can help to improve your cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. For those who suffer from stress and insomnia, going solo is a natural stress reliever and can help you to release tension and reduce the impact of insomnia.

Regularly buttering your muffin can also help to clear up UTIs as it helps to flush out bad bacteria. And finally, there are also benefits to keeping your pelvic floor in check, particularly as we get older. Not to mention, you get to know your body in exciting new ways which can help improve your performance when playing with a partner.

Best solo sex toys for single ladies

For single ladies, there’s no reason you can take care of your own sexual fulfilment. There’s no shortage of toys on the market to help get you from Point A to Point O in record speed. Whether you’re a seasoned pro of fairly new to the act of “Jillin’ Off’, here are some of our top picks for single ladies to help curl your toes every single time.

The essential kit

No single lady’s bedside table would be complete without a rabbit vibrator. This piece of essential kit has all the elements you need to achieve the ultimate orgasm on your own. There’s a huge amount of choice available, from the whisper-silent options for those with nosy housemates to waterproof varieties for spicing up bath time. Beginnings should reach for an entry-level model, while more experienced explores might want to opt for something with interesting textures, dual bunny ears and rotating beads to get your pulse racing.

The discreet option

Having a massive penis-shaped hunk of vibrating rubber laying around your bedroom might not be ideal. If you’re slightly more prudish and want something discreet and travel-friendly, you might want to opt for a bullet vibrator. These mini vibrators may be small, but they still deliver an exhilarating ride. Some are ever cleverly designed to look like an innocent lipstick, so you can pop it in your makeup bag and be ready for action any time.

A helping hand

If you already have your technique down and just need a helping hand, so to speak, then a finger vibrator might be just the thing you’re looking for to boost your solo sessions. Designed to slip on your finger and enhance your solo technique. If you do decide to bring in a second player, the good news is that this is a very couple-friendly toy which will help to enhance sensations without intimidating anyone. Finger vibrators are ideal for pinpointing pleasure points, whether that’s a nipple or clit.

Go all night

Settling in for a night with your vibrator and running out of charge is an actual nightmare scenario. To avoid this risk and make sure your vibrator can keep up with you, look for something with a power cord like the iconic Hitachi wand massager. Made famous as the toy of choice by Sex and the City’s Samantha, just a wave of your magic wand is sure to keep the pleasure coming all night.

For stronger orgasms

If you want to combine your solo sessions with a mini workout, kegel balls are the option for you. Designed to tighten the muscles downstairs, kegel balls work by strengthening your muscles which can lead to improved bladder control and more intense feelings of pleasure during sex and masturbation. Available in vibrating and non-vibrating models, these can also be used as a sex toy to edge you closer to intense vaginal orgasm.

Hands-free fun

Similar to kegel balls, orgasm balls are exactly what the name suggests. Perfect for hands-free fun, these small silicone or metal balls contain small clay balls which rattle and vibrate inside you to create intensely pleasurable feelings. Go hands-free and help strengthen your pelvic floor at the same time.

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