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5 ways to spice up your sex life in 2019 and beyond

January 19, 2019
By, laura

If you only make one New Year’s Resolution this year, make it something that is really going to transform your life. Saying yes to more sex, kinkier sex or more exciting sex is one of the best things you can do for your mood. Even if you think you have a low sex drive, pledging to have more sex can actually help this. Think of your sex drive like a muscle. The more you use it, the more powerful it becomes. In short, the more you have sex, the more you want it. So, don’t be afraid to wake the beast this year and spice up your sex life with these simple tips…

Spice up your sex life in 2019 and beyond

Remember that sex should be fun for both parties (or all parties) so make sure you are forward about what you want. Be vocal and find your voice in the bedroom. You never know where this can lead you. Try these challenges to spice up your sex life and have more satisfying sex in 2019 and beyond.

Try new positions

Getting stuck in a rut is a surefire way to dull your sex drive. It’s common for couples to land in a routine and then fail to stray too far. Pledge to try one new position per week and be open to suggestions from your partner. We share tips on how to say goodbye to boring with these incredible positions.

Communication is an essential part of a healthy sex life, so learning new positions is a great way to open up the lines of communication and learn something new about what turns your partner on. Obviously, you’re both entitled to your limits, so never feel pressured into trying something you’re not 100% excited about.

Get a sex toy

If you’ve never dabbled in sex toys before, 2019 is the time to pop your cherry. Sex toys can help you to rethink your approach to pleasure and make you a more consideration bedroom partner. Besides the usual bullet vibrator and vibrating cock ring, you can also try anal toys, nipple toys and light bondage. The limits are really endless.

We recently shared a post on how to turn your bedroom into a kinky sex den on a budget, or you can find out more about how to choose sex toys for same-sex couples here. There’s no shortage of advice on the Pleasure Delights website, and if you’re not sure about a particular toy, you can get in touch for more advice.

Explore new locations

Now that you’ve explored new positions and new toys, it’s time for a change of scenery. Taking sex out of the bedroom is a bold move and can help you to discover new thrills. Sex in the bathroom with a waterproof sex toy is a great way to bring new sensory experiences into your life. Or, you could try sneaking away to have sex in the bathroom at a party.

Sex in the car is another way to spice things up. You can also take your foreplay out of the bedroom and try wearing a sex toy out and about all day. If you have a remote control vibe, hand the controls to your partner so they can make you writhe at the touch of a button.

Get away from it all

If you want to experience hedonistic joy, sometimes the only option is to get away from it all. Leaving behind the pile of dishes in the sink, the unwashed laundry in the bedroom and the DIY projects that never seem finished is a great way to spice things up. Head out of town, book a hotel and survive on room service for a whole weekend. Don’t forget to pack your favourite toys!

Learn the art of sexting

Sexting can be a great way to spice up your sex life without really changing anything at all. Sexting is a powerful tool for foreplay and can help to build suspense and tension throughout the day. Obviously, steer clear of sexting when your other half has an important day at work, but otherwise, a saucy little message in the middle of the day can help to cut through the monotony. We recently shared our top tips on how to master the art of sexting.

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