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How to Tell if a Woman Might Be Interested in You

December 6, 2017
By, laura

When you first get to know someone, whether on a date or under other circumstances, you might feel that click, that sense of chemistry.  But guys are often a little nervous or cautious, not wanting to seem pushy.  What are some of the subtle signs that a woman might be interested in you and may be receptive to being asked out on a date?

She makes the first move

This one is pretty easy and makes the whole process much easier for the guy – if the woman reaches out to you to make the first move, then she is clearly interested.  By making herself vulnerable and ignoring that fear of rejection enough to make that first contact, obviously, something between you has clicked.  This often comes in some form of basic contact – a text message, an IM or just a phone call.  Women often like to talk to men they are interested in so follow her lead and spend some time chatting.

Casual touches

For some ladies, a casual touch is a little sign that she is interested but be a little cautious with this one – some people are natural touchers.  Look for this sign combined with others for a surer thing.  But if she touches your arm, maybe playfully punches you while chatting or something similar, then this could mean that she likes you or certainly feels comfortable around you.

She asks personal questions

We British are polite people and we don’t always tend to ask a lot of personal questions to people we don’t know too well.

However, if a woman is interested in a guy, she may ask some personal questions.  This is her way to find out more about you and see if you might be compatible with her – values questions, asking about what you want to do with your life, all of that kind of stuff.

She shows she is available

If a woman makes a point of telling you she’s single in a conversation this may be another subtle sign.  If she starts talking about dating, this is an even stronger sign that she may be interested.  By mentioning these things to you, she is showing that she thinks about you alongside these matters and that means she may be interested in going on a date.

Teasing and joking

Some women are naturally flirtatious and joke around or tease you gently about things.  But combined with other hints, this can mean something more than just a bit of fun.  Making jokes about Sex Toys for Her or joking about her favourite place for a weekend away can also hint.  Return the teasing somewhat but be careful not to go too far – keep it in tone with the way she is teasing you.

Eye contact

Making eye contact is one of the basics of showing interest in someone.  Often, we don’t make eye contact for longer periods because it feels uncomfortable but when we are interested in someone, we tend to make eye contact for longer.  This is a good way to build that interest, returning the eye contact.  It also builds a sense of being open and honest, rather than quick sideways glances that seem furtive and sneaky.

Adding up the signs

Understanding all these subtle signs can be tricky and there’s always the fear that you’ve misread the situation and make a fool of yourself.  So, watch for multiple subtle signs and keep things light-hearted and almost joking at first – this stops things being too pressurized or uncomfortable.  And if the signs keep coming, then look for that opportunity to ask for a date.

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