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The best oral sex toys for her

September 10, 2022
By, laura

The best oral sex toys for her

Sometimes, there’s no replacement for oral sex. Finding a partner on board for the real thing would be the dream, but sometimes partners need a break, and sometimes you have to replicate these feelings solo. This is where oral sex toys come into play.

Oral sex toys offer unique sensations specifically designed for the clit, but they can also be used on nipples and the tip of the penis. Anywhere that is particularly sensitive is likely to enjoy these types of toys. There are many different variations available, including suction and flicking toys. In this guide, we’ll explore the best oral sex toys available for her and how to make the most of them.

What are oral sex toys?

This is a specific type of toy for women intended to mimic the sensations of oral sex, without the limitations that often come with the real thing. No one is going to get tired or need a break.

As long as you have a fully charged battery, you can keep going as long as you need. Oral sex toys also offer a kind of consistency in the sensation that is difficult to get from the real thing – so no more ruined orgasms.

There are two many types of oral sex toys. Suction toys create a seal around the clit and provide suction, usually alongside vibration or ultrasonic vibrations. So it feels a lot like someone sucking while humming.

And then there are flicking toys that create the sensation of a firm tongue continually moving over the clit. This may also be paired with vibrations. Not everyone likes these sensations, but it is certainly worth exploring if you’re looking for a departure from the usual bunny ears or bullet vibe.

How to use an oral sex toy

This all depends on the individual toy. Most toys work well with a little bit of lubrication to help things glide a little easier, but this can be difficult with suction toys as they often need to create a seal, and too much lubrication can impact this.

The most important thing to remember when working with oral sex toys is that you don’t have to stick to the clit. Are erogenous zone will benefit from the stimulation, so you can afford to be a little bit adventurous with it. Try it alone or with your partner.

The best oral sex toys for her

If you’re looking to explore oral sex toys for the first time, try adding these customer favourites to your bedside table to help you discover some new sensations.

French Kiss Seducer Teasing Tongue Vibrator

This flicking vibrator will provide targeted stimulation as the mini soft silicone tongue moves back and forth in a fluttering pattern. There are 12 functions and patterns available, so you can shake things up and keep it unexpected. The French Kiss Seducer Teasing Tongue Vibrator features a cup that envelopes your clit and then vibrates while pulsating back and forth.

Bodywand Vibro Kiss Clit Stimulator

The Bodywand Vibro Kiss Clit Stimulator is a unique double sensation vibe that provides suction and vibration at the same time. The soft silicone suction cup head fits snug around the clit (or any other part of your body) and provides targeted stimulation, unlike any other sex toy. It offers 10 vibration modes and 10 suction modes, so you can mix and match to find your ideal sensation.

Adrien Lastic Caress Revolutionary Clitoral Stimulator

If you like variety in your sex toys, then the Adrien Lastic Caress Revolutionary Clitoral Stimulator is the one for you. This compact little toy offers interchangeable heads to allow you to switch up the sensations on demand. There are five different rotating and vibrating heads to choose from, with soft to firm options available.

Inya Sonnet Rechargeable Vibrator With Clitoral Stimulation

Combine vibrating penetration with suction clitoral stimulation with the Inya Sonnet Rechargeable Vibrator With Clitoral Stimulation. This unique, hands-free toy will enable you to reach an intense, blended orgasm with the help of the curved, vibrating arm that will stimulate the G spot. This is paired with a soft silicone cup that nestles around your clitoris and provides vibration and suction at the same time. Use this alone or with a partner for incredible foreplay.

Satisfyer App Twirling Fun

For something completely new, the Satisfyer App Twirling Fun offers a twirling sensation like no other. This app-controlled vibe features a soft silicone tip that twirls around the clit or any other sensitive region to recreate the sensation of a soft, wandering tongue. As this is an app-controlled vibe, you can hand over the controls to your partner and let them make you squirm with pleasure. There are 5 speeds and 7 rhythms to choose from, so it’s unlikely you’ll ever get bored.

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