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Top Tips For Better Oral Sex

October 8, 2018
By, laura

However you enjoy a bit of tongue action, the simple fact is that we should all be having more of it. Whether you’re giving or receiving, oral sex can be a lot of fun if you know what you’re doing. You might have the basics down, but if you’re ready to kick it up to the next level, you’re going to need a couple more pointers.

Top tips for better oral sex

If you’re lacking inspiration or aren’t sure what works, follow these top tips for better oral sex. From getting comfortable to introducing toys into your routine, you and your partner will be enjoying better oral sex in no time. And if you are flying solo at the moment, don’t worry, as we share our advice on how to replicate oral sex when you’re on your own.

Get comfy

Even longterm partners can get weird about oral sex. It’s common for women to get shy about letting their partner go down there and men might shy away from trying it because they worry they aren’t going to get it right. No one is going to have fun if they aren’t relaxed, so make sure you’re in the right frame of mind before you get started. Something as simple as turning the lights off can help you to let go and lose yourself in the moment.

Don’t focus on the orgasm

Both men and women are guilty of treating oral sex as a race to the finish line and forget that every step along the way is supposed to be intensely pleasurable. Some women can’t climax from clitoral stimulation alone, so focussing solely on the orgasm isn’t going to be fun for either of you. Some men don’t want a blow job to be the main event, so there’s no harm in leaving it as foreplay.

Experiment with temperature

Both parties will enjoy the sensation of a change in temperature. Sucking on an ice cube or sipping a hot drink before you go down on your partner will enhance the pleasure immensely. A warming lube will force more blood flow to the area, making it more sensitive to every flick of the tongue. When you introduce a tongue cooled with ice cubes into this mix, you can expect pleasure to go through the roof. Rigorous activity combined with increased pleasure is sure to raise your core temperature. Point a fan in your direction to deliver waves of unexpected pleasure.

Try a different angle

Experimenting with the position can give your partner access to different areas of your anatomy. If you can’t reach orgasm with you laying on your back, try sitting on your partner’s face. Just be careful you don’t lean on them too much. If you’re giving a blow job, you don’t have to be on your knees. Experiment with your position to make yourself comfortable, or take things to another part of the house. A cheeky bj in the shower in the morning, or have your partner go down on you in the kitchen.

Introduce toys

As sex toy experts, you’d better believe we were going to find a way to work toys into oral sex. If your oral sex has become routine, introducing some high-end sex toys into the mix can help shake things up. When going down on a woman, you can give your tongue a break by introducing a bullet vibrator or finger vibrator. When going down on a man, you can change things up by using a sleeve stroker, or by introducing some anal play.

Go solo

Remember, you don’t need a partner to enjoy incredible oral sex. For men, there’s no shortage of Fleshlight devices to choose from. These use suction and a textured sleeve intended to replicate the feeling of the best blow job of your life. And the best part is, you never have to reciprocate! For women, toys like the Sqweel GO are a great option if you love the sensation of a tongue caressing your body. The 10 silicone tongues can be used at 6 different earth-shattering speeds. Or you could opt for the Satisfyer Pro Penguin, which uses suction on the clitoral area to push you over the edge of climax.

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