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The Elements Of The Perfect Strip Tease

November 18, 2020
By, laura

A strip tease can be the most sensual gift you give your partner. If you’re thinking about planning a strip tease surprise this Christmas, you need to start putting in the work now. There are a few steps you need to take to prepare your striptease; from learning the moves to getting your props right. Even the lights and music will make a huge difference to your sexy little show.

If you’re ready to put in the work, we’re ready to share our best tips for creating a spectacular show. Read on to learn the Pleasure Delights guide to creating the perfect strip tease.

Get flexible

Being comfortable in your body and being able to move and flex as you like is a key part of the strip tease. And remember, you might be wearing heels for this particular dance, so don’t forget to practice with your sky-high stilettos on.

Try practicing yoga or pilates to increase your strength and flexibility. Most moves require you to have a strong core, but your legs will also need to work pretty hard. Another perk of firming up your core is that you’ll feel more confident than ever before!

Practice your moves

A strip tease is best done to a routine. Look for burlesque dancing inspiration on YouTube and find a routine you think you could master. If you’re planning to go all out and include a stripper pole in your routine, you’ll have a much more varied scope for your dance.

Burlesque is all about the art of teasing. It’s about drawing attention to the female form and drawing the eye to your best assets. You don’t have to strip down to nothing to achieve the perfect strip tease. In fact, leaving a little something to the imagination can make the entire experience more exhilarating for the viewer.

Work on your confidence

Your strip tease will be more enjoyable for both parties if you’re able to let loose and have fun with it. You don’t have to be a 6 foot tall, size 6 model to make a strip tease look good. You just need to know how to hold yourself with confidence.

Practice your moves in front of a mirror and just have fun with the movements. You don’t have to be perfect, you just need to have fun and let yourself be free.

Choose the right lingerie

Your outfit will make a huge difference to the type of strip show you put on. Pair your sexiest lace and silk lingerie with a button down shirt and a tight pencil skirt for an outfit that is easy to dance in, and easy to remove gracefully. Adding items like a silk scarf will give you extra items of clothing to remove and build up the tension.

Underneath your clothes, wear lingerie that makes you look and feel incredible. This will be different for everyone, so just follow your instincts. You might choose a babydoll that skims over your curves to make you feel more confident. Or you might choose a classic bra and panties set with a suspender belt for the ultimate burlesque look.

And don’t forget the finishing touches. A pair of pasties will let you finish the strip tease with the ultimate flourish.

Set the scene

You’ll need a big enough space to put some distance between you and your audience of one. Doing your strip tease in a doorway will allow you to hide parts of your body as you strip and drop out of sight every now and then. It will also allow you to hide any props you might be using in your strip tease.

You also need to think about lighting and music. Candlelight is incredibly flattering and will make you feel more confident. Harsh overhead spotlights will just make you feel overexposed, so make sure you retain a little bit of the mystery by keeping the lights down low.

And finally, think about the song you want to play while you put on your little performance. Think about the tempo of the song. Check out our guide to the sexiest music according to science.

I’m A Slave 4 U by Britney Spears is perfect for a fast-paced and erotically charged strip tease, while those looking for a seductive slow burn might appreciate something like Earned It by The Weeknd. Be creative and pick a song you both love to make it more meaningful. Just because something isn’t a traditional strip tease song, it doesn’t mean you can’t use it.

The build up

Preparing for the strip tease is all part of the fun. You can either spring the dance on your partner when they are least expecting it, or you can give them a long lead up. Sending a few seductive messages throughout the day and hinting at what you have planned will leave your partner aching with anticipation.

Remember to create a comfortable place for your partner to sit where they’ll have the best view. You should also think about removing the risk of any distractions. Leave phones on silent in another room so you can enjoy the evening undisturbed. Nothing will derail a strip tease quite like taking a phone call from your boss.

The grand finale

Every strip tease should have a grand finale and a big flourish at the end. In burlesque, this could be anything from lowering yourself into a giant glass of champagne or it could be the moment the feather boa is dropped to reveal your lingerie.

Instead of moving the strip tease towards your partner, you could move away from them, and your grand finale will be the moment you invite them to follow you to the bedroom. But remember, if you’re planning to move to another room, make sure you extinguish any candles, or use electric candles to be safe.

You could also up the stakes by tying up your partner for the duration of the strip tease so they can look but can’t touch. The grand finale will be when the silk restraints are finally removed.

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