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Why you Need a Wand Massager in your Life

September 14, 2020
By, laura

A wand massager is a versatile and powerful toy to have in your sex toy arsenal. At its core, the wand is all about pleasure, and it isn’t only women who can enjoy the benefits. A wand is typically larger than a vibrator with a large, round head. The vibrations are concentrated in the head of the toy, meaning you can hold it without getting a tingling hand.

You can choose between a wired or wireless wand. And there are also travel and mini size wands for you to enjoy on-the-go. And the best part is that you can upgrade your wand with all sorts of attachments. If you’re still on the fence about getting a wand, here are just some of the reasons you need one in your life…

It’s versatile

A wand massager is not only ideal for solo pleasure, but it’s also the perfect companion to invite into the bedroom with your partner. They will discover new ways to bring you pleasure and the large rounded head will ensure they can never miss the right spot. And these massagers aren’t just great for clitoral stimulation. Try running it over any erogenous spot on your body, or explore your man’s body to discover new levels of pleasure.

It won’t let you down

A corded wand massager might sound like an absolute pain, but there’s a benefit to knowing that your vibrator will never lose power or vibration strength when you’re close to climax. And if you hate the idea of a wired vibrator, you could also choose a USB rechargeable one. This will offer many of the same benefits of a wired one, but with the added perk of being able to take it in the bath.

It will teach you some tricks

Achieving a blended orgasm for the first time will make you change the way you think about the humble orgasm. This will be easily achieved with the use of your partner and a wand massager. Take the guesswork out of pleasure and rely on a tried-and-tested method to hit the spot every single time. When you start to explore your own body with a wand massager, you’ll soon discover new pleasure centres that are ready to be explored. This will help you to avoid falling into the trap of going through the motions in the bedroom.

It’s not all about penetration

The most difficult thing that many people struggle to get past is the idea that it’s a giant sex toy that isn’t meant for penetration. When you get past this minor detail, you’ll soon discover that penetration isn’t everything. You can enjoy a gratifying sexual experience without any penetration, and it can be just as empowering as using your trust rabbit vibrator. Learning that you can achieve orgasm through nipple stimulation alone is a worthwhile pursuit, and will upgrade your views on sexual pleasure in the process.


Perhaps the biggest perk of a massager wand is the sheer number of attachments available. The strong vibrators can easily be passed down the compatible attachments that slip securely over the head of most wand massagers. This makes them incredibly versatile and customisable. You can discover textured heads, probes, plugs and much more for your wand. You can even buy attachments that will turn your wand into a rabbit vibrator – talk about a versatile option!

Not just for women

Wand massagers are not only used for clitoral stimulation. With the addition of a few unique attachments, men could derive just as much pleasure from these unique little toys. Stroker heads can be attached to the wand head allowing men to use it as a unique masturbation sleeve. And the powerful vibrations will be diffused through the wand head, amping up the pleasure with every stroke.

Second-hand pleasure

Penetrative sex while using a wand massager gets an instant upgrade. When using the wand on yourself, the vibrations will be strong enough that your partner will also be able to feel them. It might be a second-hand pleasure, but we’re willing to bet your partner will be just as thrilled with this addition. Exploring new angles and ways to introduce the wand into your bedroom repertoire will help to spice things up and level the pleasure playing field.

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